Friday, February 10

Revell's new items of February - Choppers, Ships TD's, AFV's & Aircraft new & old this month...

The latest products from Revell have hit or are on the way to the shelves of your local hobby shop. We have the sprue shots and vital statistics in our February Revell new item preview...

Revell's new items of February

Corvette C7.R
Product number 07036 
Single components 64
An easy to build model construction kit of this successful GT racing car that amongst others won the 2015 Le Mans 24 Hours Race and the 2016 Daytona 24 Hours Race within its class.
- Multi-part 5.5 litre engine
- Rotating wheels
- Comprehensive decal set

Focke-Wulf Fw190 D-9
Product number 03930
Scale 1:48th
Single components 144
length 215 mm 
wingspan 200 mm
A model construction kit of the Fw190D-9, a more powerful version of the Fw190A with a Jumo 213A engine for operations at altitudes above 7000m (23000ft).
- Detailed machine gun position in the fuselage
- Separate ailerons
- Rotating propeller
- Detailed cockpit
- Faithful reproduction of the area behind the engine
- Detailed undercarriage
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Focke Wulf 190 D-9, Werknr. 500666, II./JG 301, Erfurt-Nord, May 1945
- Focke Wulf 190 D-9, Werknr. 210194, I./JG 2, Aachen, 1 January 1945

Sd.Kfz.184 Tank Hunter ELEFANT
Product number 03254
Scale 1:35th
Single components 238
A model construction kit of a heavy Wehrmacht tank hunter fitted with an 8.8 cm StuK 43/1 L/71 anti-tank gun.
- Easy-to-assemble vinyl tracks
- Elevating gun
- Turret hatches can be mounted in the open or closed position
- Kit contains three figures (with crazy eyes)
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- 1st Company of the 653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion, Soriano al Cimino, Italy, 27/06/1944
- 2nd/3rd Company of the 653rd Heavy Panzerjäger Battalion, Eastern Front, Russia/Poland, 1944

Armoured Scout Vehicle P204(f)
scale 1:35th
length 137 mm
number of parts 158
A model construction kit of the French Panhard 178 a booty-vehicle which was used as an armoured reconnaissance car by the Wehrmacht.
- Rotating turret with detailed interior
- Representation of the driving position and engine
- Rubber tyres
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- Wehrmacht, Operation Barbarossa, Eastern Front, Russia, 1941-1942
- Wehrmacht, Anti-Partisan Role, France, 1944

MiG-29S Fulcrum
Product number 03936
Scale 1:72nd
length 236 mm
wingspan 158 mm
number of parts 192
A faithfully small scale reproduced model of the MiG-29S, one of the most powerful combat aircraft of the Russian Air Force.
- Detailed cockpit
- Detailed undercarriage
- Pilot figure
- Detailed engine exhaust jets
- A choice of auxiliary fuel tanks and guided missiles
- A decal set for a version of the display team the Russian Falcons - Lipetsk, April 2008

Petr Velikiy
Product number 05151
Scale 1:700th
length 364 mm
number of parts 484
A model construction kit of one of the largest military ships in the world - the nuclear-powered Russian Kirov-class battle cruiser.
- Single piece water-line hull
- Finely detailed parts
- Detailed superstructure and armament
Authentic decal set for five ships:
- Petr Velikiy, 099, Russian Navy
- Yury Andropov (now Petr Velikiy), 183, Soviet Navy
- Admiral Nakhimov, 080, Russian Navy
- Kalinin (now Admiral Nakhimov), 085, Soviet Navy
- Frunze, 050, Soviet Navy

Product number 04953
Scale 1:72
Single components 72
length 138 
rotor diameter 153 mm
An easy to assemble model construction kit of this reliable helicopter in ADAC Air Rescue livery (during the period 1984 - 1995).
- Rotatable main rotor
- Tailplane with stabilators
Authentic decal set for the following version:
- BK117 A1, ADAC Luftrettung GmbH, Christoph 1, Städtisches Krankenhaus München-Harlaching, 1986

USS America
Product number 05416
Scale 1:564
Single components 175
A model construction kit of the USS America, a Northern States (Union States) blockade ship during the American Civil War. This former racing yacht went into the history books as the first winner of famous America's Cup race which was then named after her.
- A 12 pounder cannon on the bow
- Two 24 pounder cannons
- Structured two piece hull
- Single piece deck with authentic appearing wood structure
- Authentic sails
- Yarn included
- Metal anchor chain
- Blocks for the rigging
- Display stand

Gift-Set 100 Years BMW
Product number 05738
Scale 1:24th
Single components 281
This set contains model construction kits of the exceptional BMW i8 and the stylish BMW 507 both of which set standards in design. Introduced in 1955 the 507 offered a mix of Italian elegance and German quality. The trendsetting BMW i8 stood out with its revolutionary hybrid technology and fulminant sports car performance.
- Faithfully reproduced bodywork
- Multi-part engines
- Opening engine compartment hoods
- Various chrome parts
Glue and paint is included in this set
- Extensive decal set with a variety of country registration plates (D, A, NL, F, B, CH, GB, I)

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