Saturday, April 29

Preview: Another new Star Wars figure in 1/12th scale from Bandai who has a general grievance with the Jedi...

It's always a good time when Bandai release what looks to be like another good offering in their 12th scale Star Wars series of figures. Especially when the offering is a certain general Grievous of "Clone Wars" & "Episode III" fame. Let's have a look at him in our preview...

New Star Wars figure in 1/12th scale from Bandai

General Grievous
1/12th scale
Scheduled to be released in July 2017
4,860 Yen [tax in]
Bandai has just announced a new figure in 1/12th scale of "General Grievous" from their Star Wars model lines. This was another one of those figures we think will be great with the limitations of recreating great figure's faces on humans in injection moulded plastic. It just does not seem to capture the same realistic look, so something with a robotic or masked face like Grievous is perfect.

Hang on some of you might say – who IS General Grievous?
Grievous was the Kaleesh cyborg general and leader of the Droid Army of the Confederacy of Independent Systems during the Clone Wars. Originally a Kaleesh warrior from the planet Kalee, he chose to receive cybernetic implants to increase his combat prowess. He was recruited by Count Dooku to lead the Separatist Droid Army, and trained in the art of lightsaber combat.
We originally saw Grievous in the "Clone Wars" comics"
Over the course of the Clone Wars, Grievous's shrewd battle planning and ruthlessness caused him to become feared throughout the Galactic Republic. The Kaleesh cyborg successfully combated the Republic's Jedi Generals, maintaining a collection of trophies; the lightsabers of Jedi he had slain. He clashed with Padawan Ahsoka Tano and Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi on multiple occasions. Under his command, the droid army wreaked havoc across the galaxy. During the war, he attacked Kamino, where the Grand Army of the Republic's clone troopers were produced, and wiped out the Nightsisters of Dathomir. Following the reemergence of the fallen Sith Lord Darth Maul, the former apprentice of his master Darth Sidious, Grievous forced his retreat and killed Mother Talzin who was the former leader of the Nightsisters.
Near the end of the war, Grievous led the attack on Coruscant aboard his flagship, the Invisible Hand, and successfully captured Supreme Chancellor Palpatine, secretly his master Darth Sidious. However, he was forced to retreat following the death of Count Dooku at the hands of Jedi Knight Anakin Skywalker and the crippling of his flagship, relocating to the remote Outer Rim world of Utapau. 
Palpatine leaked his location to the Jedi Council, who deployed Obi-Wan Kenobi to kill the dreaded cyborg. Kenobi arrived in Pau City, a mining settlement in an Utapaun sinkhole, and the Jedi challenged him to a duel, with Kenobi's battalion of clones engaging Grievous' droid forces. Although he attempted to retreat in his personal starfighter, the Soulless One, his Jedi adversary shot the Kaleesh in his organ sack (we think his gonads) with Grievous's blaster rifle, resulting in the dreaded cyborg's demise.
Bandai's new offering in 12th scale is provided with the option of a cape that looks like it is made of some type of cloth material. We hope this is a little more realistic than Vader's cape from the same range as that was just good enough in this scale.
The option of cape on or off
Bandai has also provided the realistic split arms of Grievous with two sets of arms along with four lightsabers which are lit and unlit just in case you like to keep some spares...

General Grievous figure comes out in July at a price of about 4,860yen / 45USD
This kit will be available in December from Bandai’s distributors
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