Sunday, April 30

Radek Pituch 's new Rado Miniatures first release - 35th scale SS Pz.Regiment 12 in Normandy

We are well aware of Radek Pituch's great ability to populate his model dioramas with interesting and often customised figures. It is a welcome surprise to see Radek go into his own venture of figure making – we have some of the images and info on the first release from his company "Rado Miniatures"

Rado Miniatures first release

Battlefront Normandy, SS-Pz.Regiment 12, summer 1944
Product No# RDM 35001
Available Now from the Rado Miniatures Website
we have news of the very first figure release from master modeller Radek Pituch. His new company is called "Rado Miniatures" and his lead product release is now available. We travel to the battlefront of Normandy, summer 1944, with the figure being a member of the 12th SS-Pz.Division (Hitlerjugend) facing the allied forces after D-Day.
The release comes with a nice little grab to put you into the scene "Caen is lost, supplies are short, the SS tank crews have to fight their way out of the bocage hell on foot with their MPs in their hands..."
...And this is where we see our figure of this young man. He is devised, sculpted and in this case painted by Radek Pituch. The young SS man is seen all decked out and ready to fight, with dotted camo tunic in the summer pattern, you may notice that he is already wounded, with his right forearm bandaged from some previous action.
He wears the flat overseas forage cap that the soldiers favoured inside their vehicles, so we assume that he could be a soldier attached to an AFV unit. The fact that he is loaded up with an MP-40 tucked under his right arm and lots of spare ammo in pouches strapped to his webbing would also suggest that he could be a vehicle-based soldier, that and the fact he has not other gear like canteens or water flak further enforce that fact.
If you like what you see here you can order it directly from Radek through the message box on the Rado Miniatures facebook page.

Also by looking at Radek's web page showing some of his other amazing work...