Monday, May 1

Revell feels the force after a Jägermeister, a Vampire, Ju-88 and a couple of choppers...

We look at Revell of Germany's new items of May, with a couple of Porche's, a WWII favourite, cold war fighter and some small scale helicopters and a very small scale ( but very large) Star Destroyer. We have pictures of the made up models and colours & sprues in our preview...

Revell's new May releases

Imperial Star Destroyer (40 Years Star Wars edition)
length 600 mm
number of parts 110
scale 1:2700th
This is a Revell re-box of the recent Zvezda kit that now one can seem to get their hands on.
After Chancellor Palpatine rose to power, the wedge-shaped Star Destroyers were the backbone of the fleet, one reason being their massive firepower, and they were present in almost every battleground. These long-distance spacecraft were capable of travelling through hyperspace and carried the dreaded TIE fighters, yet were also deployed in system-wide invasions.
- Four-part fuselage with intricately carved surfaces
- Structured side walls
- Multi-part command bridge
- Engine replicas
- Display stand

Junkers Ju88 A-4
Product number 03935
Scale 1:48th
Single components 286
A model reproduction of the Ju88, one of the most versatile German combat aircraft of the Second World War. The Ju88A-4 was the result of numerous improvements to the design and was manufactured en-mass to become the Luftwaffe's standard bomber.
- Detailed cockpit
- Distinctive instrument panel
- Tail wheel
- Ventral gondola
- Separate ailerons and flaps
- 2 detailed engines
- Rotatable propeller
- Detailed undercarriage
- Detailed machine guns
Decal set for the markings of Luftwaffe versions

Porsche 934 RSR Jägermeister
Product number 07031
Scale 1:24
Single components 100
An easy to build model construction kit of this successful Group 4 GT racing car which was developed on the basis of the 911 Turbo.
- Multi-part body
- Opening bonnet
- Multi-part engine
- Rotating wheels
Decal set for the Jägermeister livery of the Max-Moritz Racing Team

Porsche 934 RSR Vaillant
Product number 07032
Scale 1:24th
Single components 104
An easy-to-build model construction kit of this successful Group 4 GT Class racing car which was raced from 1976 onward.
- Faithfully reproduced body
- Separate opening bonnet
- Multi-part roll-over bar
- Rotating wheels
Decal set for the Vaillant livery of the Kremer Racing Team

Bell AH-1G Cobra
Product number 04954
Scale 1:100th
Single components 52
A model construction kit of the first series production version of the Cobra combat helicopter.
- Rotatable main rotor
- Mini-gun in the nose
- Missile pods
Authentic decal set for the following version:
- AH 1G, Vietnam, Bien Hoa, South Vietnam, 1967

SH-60 Navy Helicopter
Product number 04955
Scale 1:100
Single components 53
A model construction kit of the US Navy's SH-60 transport helicopter.
- Rotatable main rotor
- Radome under the fuselage
- 2 torpedoes
Decal set for one US Navy version

Vampire F Mk.3
Product number 03934
Scale 1:72nd
Single components 58
A model construction kit of the first jet-engine fighter aircraft to enter service with the RAF, the De-Havilland Vampire.
- Cockpit with Instrument panel
- Detailed undercarriage
- Twin boom fuselage
- 2 auxiliary fuel tanks
Authentic decal set for following versions:
- De-Havilland Vampire F.3, No. 601 Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, North Weald, England, July 1952
- De-Havilland Vampire F.3, No. 608 Squadron, Royal Auxiliary Air Force, Thornaby, England, 1951
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