Sunday, July 30

Tracked Leopards, Land corvettes, A Monkey in a truck & a flying Cobra? Revell's September kits,

...See what's new from Germany with only a few, but nice looking kits in this month's new releases in our preview…

Saturday, July 29

Two new "Chariots" from Takom – The Merkava Mk.I & Hybrid in 35th scale

So now we see the start of what we hope is a whole family of Merkava in 35th scale from takom – we have some limited info on them in our preview, as well as some info on what is the difference between the earlier Mk.I and the Mk.I Hybrid ...

Friday, July 28

Read n' Reviewed: AK Interactive & Aces High Magazine's new Hind Special - Walkaround & Modelling Guide

AK Interactive's aircraft modelling magazine "Aces High"  has launched a new book focused on showcasing the Mi-24 Hind in model form and in real life. Editor Daniel Zamarbide has been really busy, and it shows - from the work he and his team have turned in. See a little more of what to expect in today's review...

Thursday, July 27

Read n' Reviewed: New Nuts & Bolts - Vol.38 Jagdpanzer IV Part 2: L/70 (Sd.Kfz. 162/1)

We have our hands on the second part of the two volume series on the Jagdpanzer IV from Nuts & Bolts. After our review in the first of the two books covering the complete history of this vehicle, now part II covers the VOMAG and ALKETT versions. We thought we would give you a review of what is inside the second part...

Wednesday, July 26

In-Boxed: B-17 E/F Flying Fortress from Hong Kong Models - or - "Lukas has a big job on his hands..."

We have been keeping Lukas' powder dry for many – far too many weeks he might say –  in showing you his progress of HK Models new B-17 E/F kit in massive 32nd scale build. Now the kit is well underway - three-quarters complete, we thought we would make him do a quick “In-boxed” article to show you what you get for your money. Let's quickly have a look at what's in the box first before he builds it up for you all.

Tuesday, July 25

Build Guide - Clayton gets cracking on Bronco Models 35th scale British Cruiser Tank

Bronco Models has released a new 35th scale British Cruiser Tank in several marks - Mk.II/IIA/IIA CS (A10 Mk.I/1A/1A CS) – Clayton has got his out and is painting & weathering it already – but first he stopped off to show how it goes together in his Build Guide...

Monday, July 24

Pt.III Finishing & Weathering: Bronco's 48th scale Curtiss Mk.IIB Tomahawk (P-40C)

Gary has already shown us how to build & paint your 48th scale Bronco Tomohawk (P-40C) and today we continue on with the third part of the build phase - weathering and finishing the kit. Gary tries out the Slovakian brand "Mr.Paint" with some AK Interactive weathering materials in this build - see ho wit all ended up in Part III of the build.

Saturday, July 22

Hasegawa's August releases, wings, rotors, jets, squealing tyres - and a mum's chariot in their latest.

Hasegawa's August releases are, as usual, diverse, very nice looking whilst again fairly familiar to a lot of people out there, Check them out in our preview to see what is new and what has changed in their August lot of kits...

Friday, July 21

Pt.II Painting & Weathering Guide of Miniart's new 35th scale T54-2 in Ammo shades.

Miniart is making some great new models of the largest, toughest tanks to enter service in the last century, with a focus especially on the Post-WWII "T" series of medium and MBT's. Paul got his hands on Miniart's new 35th scale T54-2 kit, and we have already seen part I of the build and how it goes together - Today he paints it with AMMO shades in Pt. II of his guide...

Wednesday, July 19

In-boxed & Build Guide - Andy gets to building Takom's 35th scale Krupp Raumer S

A military vehicle like no other – the very futuristic looking WWII mine clearer the Raumer S from Takom in 35th scale looks JUST like a kit that Andy would like to build – so we unleashed him on it in a build guide, review and in the next part a painting and weathering guide. For now, let's see what is in the kit and how it goes together...

Tuesday, July 18

Preview: Celebrating 20 issues of Abrams Squad - a Special Edition free to subscribers - & cheap to everyone else...

Abrams Squad: The Modern Modelling Magazine was the first magazine in the world devoted solely to Modern Warfare modelling. To celebrate their first 20 issues with a special and limited edition of a guide for collectors. Thematic indexes and summaries of best articles.

Monday, July 17

In-Boxed: Bronco's colourful Cruiser - Mk.II/IIA/IIA CS (A10 Mk.I/1A/1A CS) in 35th scale

Bronco Models has released a new 35th scale British Cruiser Tank in several marks - Mk.II/IIA/IIA CS (A10 Mk.I/1A/1A CS) – Clayton has got his out and is building it already – but first he stopped off to show you what is in the box in this – his In-boxed review...

Sunday, July 16

In-Boxed: Gary gets to grips with Meng's new 48th scale Lockheed Martin F-35A JSF Lightning II

Pretty interesting - this new kit from Meng. This new  F-35  kit in 48th scale has caused some opinions already - so we thought to get to what it is really like then who better to take a look and build it than our man Gary. Today he gets to examining the box and then dry-fitting the components before his build for us in the coming weeks. See what he thinks so far...

Friday, July 14

MiniArt continue to pack a whallop with the new releases of this Panzerfaust 30/60 Set in 35th scale

MiniArt give us more details to flesh out our dioramas – This time the dual release of the Panzerfaust Faustpatrone 30 and Panzerfaust 60 with crates to ship them in – we look at the weapon, the sprues and the bits that come with them in a photo spread to show what to expect in this release. Check it out in our preview...

Thursday, July 13

Malaysia Miniatures Hobby Show 2017 & MALCOM - Pt.II of Macson's report: Aircraft, figure & vehicle Galleries

Our reporter on the spot Mr. Macson Tan has shared with us two walkarounds from the combined Malaysia Miniatures Hobby Show 2017 & MALCOM (Malaysia Competition)  held over the weekend of the 8th & 9th of July. Today we have the Aircraft, figure and vehicle Galleries of the models on display in Pt.II of his report.

Wednesday, July 12

Build Guide Pt.II - see the boys continue the build of Italeri's 32nd scale F-35A Lightning...

Nicolas & François team up to continue with the great build of the new Italeri F-35A Lightning II in 32nd scale. See how it is going together - take a look to see what you think of the features ( and facets) of this interesting kit in large scale in Pt.II of their build

Tuesday, July 11

Gallery - Malaysia Miniatures Hobby Show 2017 & MALCOM (Malaysia Competition) AFV Gallery

Our reporter on the spot Mr. Macson Tan has shared with us two walkarounds from the combined Malaysia Miniatures Hobby Show 2017 & MALCOM (Malaysia Competition)  held over the weekend of the 8th & 9th of July. Today we have the largest category – the AFV Gallery of the models on display in Pt.I of his report.

Sunday, July 9

In-Boxed: the new 35th scale M47 Patton from Takom

Paul has been looking forward to starting his build of Takom's 35th scale M47 Patton so much he only paused for a few minutes to take pictures of what's in the box and tell us what we thought before he got to building the kit (he's already started) so here is his roundup of initial thought before the build gets going...

Saturday, July 8

On two wheels, many legs, three propellers, a large hull and red all over with Revell's August kits,

A big bike for ChiPs, a butcher bird of the night, a bunch of boxes afloat, some old warriors and a birthday for the “Rotter” - Let's see what's new from Germany this month in our preview…

Friday, July 7

Dual build - Modelcollect's V-I vs Rheintochter w/E-100 Launchers in Andy's finished article...

Today see the finish of the dual build of Modelcollect's two new E-100 Missile launchers. Andy not only gives us his build guide of the 1/72nd Rheintochter 1 Launcher with E-100 Body - but also the boxing of the same scale and brand's V-1 launching platform as well - See him finish them both off into his final part in today's story...

Wednesday, July 5

We look at Hobbyboss’ latest in August 2017 new item preview

Hobbyboss have four new models ready for us in August - another Fitter, a tiny Loco with a lot of pull, a beautiful AMX and a floating Strasbourg? see what we are on about in our preview that includes markings and sprues…

Tuesday, July 4

New from Bronco in August: Russian Zil-131V Tractor Truck From Bronco Models in 35th scale

Seems like Bronco Models are working on their moulds of the Zil-131cargo truck they released recently - this time the Zil-131 ( &130) tractor truck is up for the 35th scale injection moulding process treatment. Let us have a look at the real thing, as well as the feature set on this new kit from Bronco...

Monday, July 3

Build Guide Pt II: 48th scale Bronco Models Curtiss Mk.IIB Tomahawk (P-40C) - Painting & Decaling.

Gary has already shown us how to build your 48th scale Bronco Tomohawk (P-40C) and today we continue on with the second part of the build phase - painting & decalling. Gary tries out the Slovakian brand "Mr.Paint" in this build - see what he thought of the paint and how it went on in today's part II.

Sunday, July 2

Tiger 131 from World of Tanks leads Italeri's interesting looking lot of August kits in our preview...

Italeri has some more interesting kits in different genres and scales with a special bonus to those who play "World of Tanks" as well as some good looking models - Check out all of their new August kits in our preview, with boxart, colours and sprues for each of these...