Friday, October 6

A new encyclopaedia volume, mags & paint sets from AMMO this month in our preview...

The latest releases from the AMMO team - A new volume of the Encyclopedia of Armour, Aircraft & AFV weathering mags featuring fading shades & interiors of fighting machines,  we also see some WWII aircraft colours with two new sets. – See them all in the AMMO preview for October...

New mags & paint sets from AMMO this month in our preview...

Modelling Techniques - Vol 4
150 pages and more than 700 high-quality pictures

The definitive AFV modelling encyclopedia from the hand of Mig Jiménez, creator of FAQ 1, FAQ 2 and many of the best-selling books in the history of modelling, and a team of the best AFV modellers from all over the world under his direction.
Throughout almost 150 pages and more than 700 large photos, Volume 4 explains step by step and in detail the weathering and fading techniques and effects necessary to adapt your models to any given setting with a highly realistic finish.
In this fourth volume of the AFV Encyclopedia, Ammo examines in detail how to make accumulated rust and dirt effects, streaking grime, rain marks, rust streaks, several methods for dust and earth stains. We also explore mud splatters and stains, fresh oil, grease, fuel, and watermarks, as well as different types of rust effects and the specific weathering scenarios presented by desert and winter subjects.
The techniques shown in the encyclopedia are described with highly informative texts and numerous pictures illustrating the process in great detail. This encyclopedia is the definitive tool for the workbench of any AFV aficionado. Don´t miss the fourth instalment of this five-volume comprehensive encyclopedia!

Softcover A4
70 pages
The latest issue of The Weathering Magazine brings you an interesting and universal theme “Faded”, with in-depth features made by some of the best modellers, complete with step by step articles, techniques, and tricks.

Within this release, you will see various examples of pale and faded finishes seen not only on tanks, trains, and submarines, but also on civilian and science fiction subjects. Ammo will show you how to create faded camouflage on a modern M1A1 Abrams tank and how to achieve a multilayered faded look on abandoned South Lebanese Army’s Tiran 4. 
Ammo explores how to paint the forgotten workhorse from a farm – the Case tractor painted with some very interesting tricks. You will also find the Gato-class submarine, and learn how to implement airbrush and chipping techniques to obtain the appropriate discolouration for Naval subjects. For those who do not have much free time for the hobby, Ammo demonstrates a simple but effective method used to apply a discoloured finish on a civilian Renault 4 hatchback, and a faded look on a railway tank car. 

The E-100 article will bring you shading methods while simultaneously obtaining the faded appearance of this “what if” pale red primer beast. Aviation lovers will find a classic Bf-109 fighter and will learn a laborious but eye-catching process to obtain the distinctive features of desert-based aircraft. Finally, for those of you who are fascinated by the Star Wars saga, Ammo brings you a detailed tutorial for painting and weathering a very unique A-Wing model.

Softcover A4 
74 pages
The Weathering Aircraft Issue 7, shows the “Interiors” of the most iconic aircraft with incredible detail and precision.
We should not overlook interiors, so we have decided to show you how to paint and weather cockpits, wheel and electronics bays, and radio compartments. Contrary to what many people believe, interiors generally do not sport many bright coloured parts, so we will have to learn which appropriate colours to use. 
As you might expect, these areas also show a fair amount of weathering effects, just as the rest of the aircraft, so we will see how to match the interiors to the finish of the exterior surfaces using different weathering techniques. We have selected various subjects as examples, ranging from WWI aeroplanes to spaceships, all clearly explained through detailed step by step articles by some of the finest modellers in the world.
if you are a subscriber of our magazines (The Weathering Magazine and The Weathering Aircraft) or the Encyclopedia of Armour Modelling Techniques, you will soon receive the next volume. The shipment of these exciting new releases has taken place during the last days of this week, before the publications are available individually on the AMMO website.

To complete your aircraft collection, Ammo brings you two new acrylic sets specifically created for Late WWII RAF colours and RAF WWII Early Colors.
Acrylic colours set. 4 jars 17mL
Colors employed by the RAF from 1941 to the end of the war. These colours were used on most British aircraft, as well as some of their allies.
Included colours:
A.MIG-243 Sky Type S (BS 210)
A.MIG-245 Ocean Grey (BS 629)
A.MIG-246 Medium Sea Grey (BS 637)
A.MIG-915 Dark Green (BS 241)
Acrylic colours set. 4 jars 17mL

Acrylic colours set. 4 jars 17mL
Colors employed by the RAF during the early stage of WWII, specifically during the Battle of Britain for iconic aircraft such as the Spitfire and the Hurricane.
Included colours:
A.MIG-070 Medium Brown Dark Earth (BS 450)
A.MIG-243 Sky Type S (BS 210)
A.MIG-244 Duck Egg Green (BS 216)
A.MIG-915 Dark Green (BS 241)

These new sets are now available in the links above or the AMMO Store online