Thursday, October 5

Two 21st century foes from Panda Model meet on the plastic battlefield

Looks like Panda Hobby has a foot in both camps with their two latest heavy main battle tanks in 35th scale. From China, the ZTZ 99A and the USA's Abrams MBT. Check out the test shots in our preview....

Double trouble from Panda Hobby – 2 new kits in 35th scale

ZTZ-99A With Laser simulation Countermine System,
From Panda Hobby
Based on the original boxing of last year, this new kit of the ZTZ99A includes the new Laser simulation Countermine System and a few crew to boot in 35th scale.
The product blub here mentions a few new additions, one, of the countermine system as well as the second we noticed straight away - three new crewmembers. One of them saluting (in military parade style) while the other two figures will be more usable in pretty generic poses. The figures themselves look actually pretty good!

Here is the first test kit built up

Panda M1 Abrams MBT
1/35th scale
the mighty Abrams tank – still top of the heap on the battlefield and the modern warfare modelling benches.
The first test shot build arrived the same time as it's Chinese counterpart. Not a lot of detail about the feature set, but as you can see here it is a pretty tidy looking kit once built up
Both of these kits should hit the plastic scale battlefield in August - err make that late October, and I know one or two modellers here at TMN who want to make them, So look forward to that. For more on Kittyhawk's kits check out their FB Page.