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Panzer Aces 56 is centred around the "SU" series of Russian tanks - see what's inside in our preview.

Panzer Aces #56 launches a special issue featuring the "SU" Russian vehicle series of tanks. The main versions of this AFV are shown with different techniques, painting camouflages, weathering effects and "walkaround" pictures in the magazine - see what's coming in our preview...

New from Accion Press

Panzer Aces #56
64 Pages, 
A-4 format
Price:11 €
Available in both English and Spanish Languages
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Index (English version)
2.- SU-76 M
14.- SU-76i
24.- SU-85
40.- SU-122
50.- Su-152
60.- SU-100
68.- Modelling Lessons

Page 2.- SU-76 M
Lukasz is one of the seasoned modellers we've mentioned above, but we're sure that you were already aware, right? One of the main features of his work is a careful assembly always improved and seasoned with a wide array of accessories. But this is not the only reason we've published his "Little Bitch", his elaborate step by step explanations for his painting processes have also played a part.
Page 14.- SU-76i
It's unbelievable what you can do with a 1/72 scale model kit. Take for instance the BOS in the last AMT Torrent. That's something you don't see every day. You'll love Fernando's ability to get the most out of an "impossible scale" like this one. He's done it with an assembly brimming with all sorts of improvements (don't forget we're talking about 1/72 scale). He culminates his work with a most interesting paint process explained in all sorts of detail. You'll be surprised.
Page 24.- SU-85
A "brand new"modeller from Eastern Europe, Dimitrii delights us with a most extraordinary piece. I'm sure that we will hear a lot from him in the future. For now, let's enjoy the incredible interior work he's done with this Miniart kit. It goes without saying that you will enjoy the exterior of the vehicle just as much. He's obtained a most realistic finish with very simple and very effective techniques. He's also added a few accessories which make the vehicle's appearance that much more attractive.
Page 40.- SU-122
The effective simplicity of Tamiya's kits; Michel gets the most out of this mid-scale piece. We will like to point out from this article the huge benefits obtained by the –obsolete?- drybrush technique combined with the more recent hairspray technique. As usual, he makes the most out of the shapes and textures of this wonderful vehicle, making it particularly alluring from a visual standpoint. He does an attractive paint job, based as usual in small details.
Page 50.- Su-152
Each of Sergiusz's work is a homage to good taste and the most exquisite painting techniques. This SU-122 is no exception and in this article, you may learn a whole bunch of techniques and different mediums. You will also enjoy an outstanding work of micro-painting definitely not for everyone. The result is obviously a kit with a high degree of highly credible realistic detail and lots of visual interest.
Page 60.- SU-100
This time, Sancar Buhur our new collaborator, takes the veteran Dragon kit and with a few homemade improvements and a few added items makes an awesome kit, full of visual interest. His techniques can be perfectly well appreciated in his pictures. Do not miss his masterful application of dirt.
Page 68.- Modelling Lessons
A bunch of simple tricks to help you create wooden surfaces for tool handles, ammo boxes and other accessories. As usual, we get the tank rolling for you to tumble with it in the mud. Tighten your tracks and go for it.
Panzer Aces #56 is now available in both English and Spanish Languages
Product Link on the Panzer Aces Website