Friday, December 15

A clear case? Ryefield Model's new 35th scale Panther G in CAD & inside out now with some boxart.

New boxart and a sprue layout of the new RyeField Model Panther G in 35th scale to add to the previous CAD images and feature sets in our new preview.

Ryefeild Model's new 35th scale Panther G in CAD & inside out

Panther Ausf. G, Sd.KFZ.171
Early/ Late Versions
W/ full interior & clear parts
From Ryfield Model
1/35th scale
Release date January 2018 (we hope)
On the third anniversary of Ryefield’s founding, they have released details of something rather special, and no doubt popular for their next release, A 1/35th scale Panther Ausf. G, Early/ Late Versions with full interior & clear parts. This full interior kit has the option of being able to see inside the kit with the addition of clear parts in the hull and turret so you can show off all of that hard work inside the kit once you put it together.

There was apparently 18-months of research of the vehicle in plans and the real thing has brought about this kit. This includes a display of forethought about the final kit and an understanding of all of the parts inside the kit to make this as close as they can to the real thing.

A new picture of the sprue contents in the box
 The pictures you see here are of the limited edition of the kit with clear parts to display all of the workings of the model inside and out.
The kit includes - amongst other things...
- Clear parts of the armour of the hull and turret (in the limited editions)
- Workable track links, suspension and gun.
- 80cm roadwheels
- A full interior giving crew fighting compartments, transmission, controls, gun and engine compartment in full
- An offer of one of three special drawings to go along with each kit drawn by  Mr Kai Endou.

A feature set of the rest of the elements of the kit is here in decent resolution
And here some smaller images - all we have for now but squint hard and you can come up with some more info...
Lastly, marking choices are provided already for this kit also
This new kit is due in January  2018 - but that is coming very soon, so fingers crossed the manufacturers can get this one over the line. Keep checking back for more info as it transpires on this kit here on TMN