Thursday, February 22

Book Preview: New title from EuroModelismo - PANZER ACES Profiles vol 2.

Vol II of the books covering the Panzer Aces of the German forces of WWII from the Euro Modelismo has hit the printers. We have some preview pictures & information to show you a little bit more of what to expect in our book preview...

New title from EuroModelismo
PANZER ACES Profiles vol 2.
104 Pages 
A-4 format 
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More than 200 profiles regarding schemes used by German Armoured Vehicles from 1943 to April 1945. This period saw the apex of armoured vehicles design, with the most highly evolved vehicles entering service. You will find all the necessary information required to paint all your modelling projects involving Panther, Tiger I and Tiger II.
New research and new knowledge have allowed us to put together this second volume on this controversial and speculation-filled subject of camouflage. At the very least, we have an opportunity to correct some well-established by proving new historical interpretations. Many details that we took for granted regarding camouflage schemes have been re-examined in the light of new information.

This book shows a Wide range of camouflages from May 1943 when the regulation H.M: 1943 Nr.181 was widespread, to more elaborated camouflage designed for blending with the local terrain or to disrupt the outline of the vehicle. From imaginative schemes known as ambush, Hinterhalt or Ambrust, which attempted to create confusion between the lights and shadows that the forest produced, to the significant hodgepodge produced by the lack of raw material components.

- What colour appeared when zimmerit chipped off of a vehicle?
- How is the process of degradation and weathering suffered by vehicles on the battlefield?
-How is the sequencing of the progressive process from manufacturing to withdrawal from combat before being scrapped?

You will find the answer to all these questions in this book through more than 200 profiles that have been made starting with contemporary photographs, obtained from the publications included in the bibliography. If you are interested in the most popular German armoured vehicles of WWII, you can not miss this book.

Don´t miss the first instalment of Panzer Aces profiles series about German Armoured vehicles from 1935 to 1943. Two complementary volumes to cover all the camouflages and insignia of the German Tanks during the Second World War.

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Richly illustrated guide to camouflage and insignia of the German Tanks from the Pz. 1 to the Panzer IV cover the period from 1935 to 1943 throughout with many colour plates. The title also includes emblems used by various units, whether HEER units, Luftwaffe and Waffen SS.
This new book from EuroModelismo is now available to order from their website