Thursday, May 31

A beautiful new figure in a fictional universe from Life Miniatures...

She looks "life-like" - but is she? We have pictures of the newest sculpt from Life Miniatures in Sang-Eon Lee's new line of "Fictional Universe"...

Life Miniatures new figure from their  'Fictional Universe' line

MIRAI 'Humanoid Cyborg Assassin A.D.2074'
Sculpted and Painted by Sang-Eon Lee
Item Code: LM-FUB001
Pieces : 3 parts
1/12th scale resin bust
Life Miniatures has long satisfied modellers with figures of real people from History. Indeed the works of Sang-Eon Lee are famous for this "Life-like" closeness of detail in all of his works. Now Life Miniatures bring us something very real, but not lifelike at all - the first in a new series "MIRAI 'Humanoid Cyborg Assassin A.D.2074".

The resin sculpt from Sang-Eon Lee in the "flesh"
The less I say about the appearance the better for me! This figure is sculpted by the master Sang Eon Lee, and the 1/12th scale resin bust is just the right size for you at add your own touches of whatever reality you may like. 
Here we see this cyborg - human hybrid from a dystopian future painted up by the sculptor, here is what can be achieved from a skilled hand on the brush - we can see many of these figures turning up in all shades and hues over the next few months as modellers apply their own take on this exciting new figure from Life Miniature's new range.
This figure is available now from the Life Miniatures Web-page.