Wednesday, May 30

Two new figure releases of three figures that ask more questions than tell us answers from Stalingrad Miniatures...

Two new sets are available now from Stalingrad Miniatures, one is the 10th scale bust of a woman and the other is a pair of Nuclear War survivors. Let's have a quick look at them in our preview...

New figures from Stalingrad for June 2018

The Girl 

1/10th scale bust
# 003 
We aren't sure what this girl is doing, but this resin 10th scale bust from Stalingrad does capture a beautiful young woman doing something, I suppose the mind boggles, she does look lovely though...
Singing? drinking from a glass? Yelling "DIVE DIVE DIVE" down a submarine microphone? not too sure...

 Nuclear war survivors 
2 figures in the one pack 
1/35th scale
# 3731
These two match an earlier set of two weird characters from a post-apocalyptic time already released by Stalingrad "Garbage Man and Midget" #3722 also in 1/35th scale

This new set sees two figures, that of a man and a woman, the woman looking pretty vulnerable, but holding a knife to defend herself.
 Who knows the intentions of the man, or the woman even - has he came across her at a partially dressed moment? Has she taken up to robbing people with a knife while not wearing trousers? Who knows?
 It is your story - you tell it...
Both of these releases are now available - For more info and images or to find where to buy these figures take a look at the Stalingrad Webpage