Friday, October 5

Sprues, Art, Decals, Colours & Everything Else In Italeri's October Item Preview...

Italeri has some nice aircraft, two sporty small two-door cars, a wargaming tank and a fast truck in their latest releases. We see box art, decals, colours and some sprues in our October new item preview from Italeri...

Italeri's releases for October

FIAT Abarth 695SS/Assetto Corsa
Kit No #4705
1/12th scale
Model Dim.: 25,0 cm
Box Dim.: 560 x 280 x 115 mm
The "Nuova 500" was produced by Fiat from 1957 to 1975. It is a real icon on four wheels and one of the symbols of “made in Italy”. Its unique and recognizable design is famous all over the World. When the small car was set up by the Italian car manufacturer, its goal was simple: to introduce on the market at a very affordable price a new compact car able to enlarge the number of potential customers. In addition to the classic Fiat 500, that obtained an impressive commercial success all over the World, the Italian car manufacturer Abarth produced several special versions characterized by unmistakable sporting and racing attitude. 

One Model in two versions:
- Fiat Abarth 695SS
- Fiat Abarth 695SS Assetto Corse
The decal sheet for both versions
In 1964 Abarth, originally founded as a racing team, presented two interesting versions developed on the Fiat Nuova 500 chassis and body: the 695 and the 695 SS. Both versions were equipped with a 689 cm3 engine and were able to reach the max speed of 140 Km/h. In 1965 Abarth developed the Fiat 695 SS Assetto Corsa with improved performances and features. 

The sprues
This kit features:
  Operable hood and trunk 
- Open or closed top 
- Opening car doors 
- Steerable wheels 
- Working suspension
 - Rubber Tires thick and thinner for the sports version
Painting masks
- Photo-etched and chromed parts
Here are several pictures of the kit built and painted up...

B-25G Mitchell
Kit No #2787
1/48th scale
Model Dim.: 33,6 cm
Box Dim.: 440 x 270 x 70 mm
The North American B-25 Mitchell was probably one of the best medium bombers of World War II. The first flight of the twin-engine North American plane was done in 1939.  Powered by two 1750 HP Wright R-2600 Cyclone engines, the B-25 was characterized by an extraordinary operational flexibility.  It took its nickname in honour of General Billy Mitchell considered, in effect, the father and the founder of United States Air Force.  From the first versions, used for the main task of the medium bomber in level flight, were progressively develop and implement further variations. 

In particular, following the specific need for a ground attack and close support aircraft, was made the B-25G. It was equipped with a closed nose, instead of the transparent one,  with two .50  machine-guns and a heavy 75mm cannon inside which made it a real "piece of flying artillery”.

Scania T143H 6x2
Kit No #3937
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 31,3 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 95 mm
The Scania T143H 6x2 is a strong, reliable truck which is used for hauling heavy loads over long distances. The V8 engine is Europe’s strongest and most reliable truck engine, which makes high speeds possible at a low fuel consumption. 

The R-type cab with its rounded edges and slanted windscreen has been developed in a wind tunnel. It also meets the most stringent safety regulations. Scania trucks are being used in more than 60 countries all over the world, from Lapland to Australia. 

Ford Escort RS 1800 Mk.II Lombard RAC Rally
Kit No #3650
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 16,7 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
The Ford Escort Mk 2 was launched in 1975. It was a significant evolution compared to the Escort Mk 1 that debuted at Brussels Motor Show in January 1968. It used the reliable mechanical components as the Mk 1 but adopted a new design based on a squared-style look able to be in line with the aesthetic and stylistic taste of the 70's. In addition to the more classic version, it was also released the EscortSportst version characterized by a more aggressive look and distinctive sports interiors. 
To compete, successfully, in World Rally Championship, a dedicated model, the RS 1800,  was introduced to complete the lineup. Successful results has been achieved. From 1975 to 1979 the Ford Escort RS 1800 won for five consecutive years the prestigious RAC (Royal Automobile Club) Rally, the most important rally event organized in the United Kingdom and an important milestone of the World Rally Championship. 

JU 86 E1/E2
Kit No #1391
1/72nd scale
Model Dim.: 24,8 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 48 mm

During the ‘30s, the German aviation industry developed passenger or postal transport airplanes that could be easily declined and converted into military versions. Officially set up to be a civilian airplane to perform commercial duties, the Junkers Ju 86 was a monoplane twin-engine aircraft that, in the bomber version, equipped the squadrons of the Luftwaffe. 

The Junkers Ju-86 was used, similarly to the Heinkel He 111 and the Dornier Do-17, as a medium-range bomber during the Spanish Civil War in 1936 under the Condor Legion insignia. Thanks to its two Junkers Jumo 205 engines, the Ju-86  was able to reach the maximum speed of 300 km / h and to carry up to 1,000 kg of offensive load. The Junkers Ju-86 participated to the early stages of the Poland Campaign but it was soon replaced by more modern and effective aircraft. In addition to the Luftwaffe, it was used by Swedish and Hungarian air forces.

Kit No #7075
Model Dim.: 13,1 cm
Box Dim.: 258 x 162 x 38 mm
The M-60 was introduced in the first years of ‘60's in the United States Army. It was developed and designed to be the evolution of the famous tanks M-47 and M-48 Patton series. The M-60 became the most important MBT (Main Battle Tank) of the U.S. Army during the Cold War years. It was produced, until 1983, by the American company Chrysler in 15.000 units and it was adopted, in several versions, by the armed forces of numerous countries all over the World.

Decals for three versions are included in this kit 
The main armament, installed in the turret, was the 105 mm. M68 gun. The M-60 was characterized by its big size and by the adoption of the powerful V-12 turbo-diesel engine able to release a good operating performance and a good speed on-road and off-road. It was deployed in a lot of conflicts and operational scenarios. Even today it is widely used by several Countries as Egypt, Turkey and Israel. 

All of these kits are now available on the Italeri Website at the links provided above