Sunday, February 24

Preview: Modeling Guide VOL.2 By Dongoh Jang

Talented modeller and author Dongoh Jang has sent news of his latest book - a multi-themed second volume of models and how-to's showing tips, techniques and methods of the craft that he hopes will improve the reader's skill and knowledge. We have some info and images of his new book, simply titled "Modeling Guide Vol II"  in our preview...

Preview: Modeling Guide VOL.2
By Dongoh Jang
Written in Korean, English and Japanese
 170 Pages with 677 full colour pictures
Price: US $20.00 plus $5.00 Standard International Shipping
Dongoh Jang's latest book, simply titled "Modeling Guide Vol II" introduces various modelling skills, tips and techniques to the reader through examples from basic to advanced in Korean, Japanese and English Languages. 

The one hundred and seventy-page book contains six hundred and seventy-seven pictures of step by step modelling that are all very well shot and composed of high-quality models. The kits and the methods on show look very good from the pictures we have received. 

Inside the book are: 
- How to use Compressor & Airbrush
# 1/35 M1A2 V2 composed by TUSK II production and Vignette engineer
# 1/32 scale consisting of B-25 H builder
# 1/10 BUST (Bust) consists of painting guide
# Constructed by JS-2 author and vignette production method
# T-72B1 Realistic weathering technique
# 1/32 F-5E Korean Air Force type construction for beginners and beginners
#Panzer composed by Zimmerit technique and production technique.
You can now buy this book from the monokiomall shop on Ebay