Wednesday, February 20

Revell's Items - Complex & simple, large & small scales released already this Feb...

Revell Germany has several releases for this month - Some in large scale and super details and others in smaller scales and a lot simpler to make - see what Revell has already out there in shops in our February 2019 preview...

New models for February from Revell Germany...

TIGER II Ausf. B - Full Interior (Platinum Edition)

Scale: 1:35
Product number: 03275
Number of parts: 800 
Length: 293 mm
Price: 69,99 € 
Product Link
The Tiger II, also known as the King Tiger, was a further improved version of the Tiger tank. The B version is characterised by the "Henschel" turret  (as it was later incorrectly called) with which the mass of these tanks were fitted. The highlight of this kit is the fully replicated interior and the filigree photo etching parts typical of the PLATINUM EDITION.

Originally made by ICM - includes a full interior
Model kit incl. instructions
decal and photoetched parts
Decals for several late model Tiger B's are included.

Junkers Ju52/3m Transport

Scale: 1:48
Product number: 03918
Age: 13+
Number of parts: 170 Length: 393 mm Height: 83 mm Wingspan: 615 mm
49,99 €
Product Link
Model of the Ju52. It became a flying legend and was the backbone of the air force's transport flying units. Production was not stopped until 1944.
- Corrugated iron structure true to the original 
- Interior with rows of seats 

- Cockpit with instrument panel 
- Rotatable propellers 

- Optional entrance door open 
- Detailed radial engine with a full exhaust system 
- Separate ailerons 
- MG Stand on the fuselage 

- Paratrooper Figures 
- Decals of the Luftwaffe for 2 versions

Bücker Bü-131 Jungmann

Scale: 1:32
Product number: 03886
Age: 13+
29,99 €
Product Link
Model of the Bü131 -  originally boxed by ICM; it is one of the best-known training aircraft and was used in large numbers by the Luftwaffe from 1939.
- Detailed engine
- Movable propeller
- Cockpit with 2 seats
- Detailed chassis
- detailed surfaces
- Decals for 2 Luftwaffe versions

1968 Chevy Chevelle

Scale: 1:25
Product number: 07662
Age: 12+
29,99 €
Product Link
A model kit for the "most popular middle-class car of the USA 1968". The SS 396, the most powerful version of the Chevelle with a 6.5-litre engine, offered 396 hp.
- Multi-part V8 engine
- Many chrome parts
- Decal with various number plates (D, A, NL, B, F, GB, I, CH, USA)

Kamov Ka-58 Stealth

Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03889
Age : 12+
17,99 € 
Product Link
Model kit of the mysterious Stealth combat helicopter Kamov Ka-58. Characteristic for this helicopter is the flat silhouette with especially strong edges, which allows a low radar signature.

- Structured surfaces
- Movable chin gun
- Detailed rotor head
- Decals for two versions

British Phantom FGR Mk.2

Scale: 1:48
Product number: 04962
Age: 13+
29,99 €
Product Link
Model kit of the Phantom FGR 2. Great Britain received from September 1964 a specially modified Phantom version with Rolls Royce Spey engines. This resulted in the improved Phantom FGR.2. for the Royal Air Force, which was used as an interceptor on 15 squadrons between 1969 and 1992.

- Cockpit with instrument panel
- Detailed ejection seats
- Detailed engine nozzles
- Separate Air outlets
- Detailed undercarriage
- Separate airbrake flaps
- Additional tanks
- One gun container
- Four Skyflash-guided missiles
- decal with 3 RAF versions

Bae Harrier GR.7

Scale: 1:144
Product number: 03887
4,99 €
Product Link
Model of the BAe Harrier, which flew at the RAF in the version Harrier GR7.

- Cockpit with seat
- undercarriage
- guided missiles
- Detailed decals

Kfir C-2

Scale: 1:72
Product number: 03890
Age: 10+
12,99 €
Product Link
A model replica of the Kfir C.2, a powerful Israeli fighter bomber.

- Cockpit
- undercarriage
- additional tank
- Sidewinder guided weapons

- Decal with an Israeli version

F/A-18E Super Hornet
Scale: 1:32
Product number: 04994
Age: 13+
79,99 €
A model replica of the F/A-18E. The F/A-18E Super Hornet is the most modern fighter aircraft of the US Navy and replaces the F-14. Since 2002 it flies successful combat missions, e.g. during Operation "Enduring Freedom" and in Iraq. Through the use of JDAM and "laser-controlled bombs", it can attack enemy targets much more precisely and also has an extensive arsenal of guided weapons. 
- Detailed surface finish 
- Cockpit with instrument panel 
- Detailed ejection seat 
- Movable rear stabilizers 
- Detailed Fuselage
- 6 wing pylons and fuselage pylons 
- GBU-31 pod 
- Mk83 bombs 
- 2 GBU-12 Bombs 
- 2 AIM-9X guided weapons 
- 2 AIM-120C guided weapons 
- One Centerline tank 
- 2 wing tanks 
- Detailed boarding ladder 
- Super decal with 2 US Navy versions

These new models are now available to purchase at the links above from the Revell Website...