Thursday, February 21

Panzerjager Elephant - Modelling Porsche's Panzerjager Inside and Out (very soon)

AFV Modeller Publishing makes some of the best books about modelling one can buy, they have featured the works of several modellers in many publications, but now it is the time for Liejon School to show his ample talents with a heavily modded "Elefant" that is sure a head turner. See a little of what's inside the book in our pre-order preview...

A new publication from AFV Modeller featuring the Elefant

Panzerjager Elephant - Modelling Porsche's Panzerjager Inside and Out
Model by Liejon Schoot
Published by AFV Modeller Publications
100 pages
488 images in colour
Out soon - Pre-order price: £20.00
Master Modeller Liejon Schoot's 100-page book on the Panzerjager "Elephant" presents a visual guide to constructing a fully detailed replica of the complex interior of the famous Tank destroyer from scratch.  
There being no full-interior kits of the Elephant (so-far) Liejon shows us how he created this detailed internal structure, crew compartments, weapons, ammo, storage and sundries from scratch. It looks like an impressive book from the few images we have already of the book.
He then goes on to modify the exterior to the same incredibly high standards as the 488 images clearly document along with unique reference images of the real vehicle.
There are more pictures of the book and the link to pre-order directly from AFV Modeller Publications as well as their many other goodies on their website...