Friday, March 29

Preview: "Surrounded" the 4th bust in Life Miniature's 'Fictional Universe' range

Life Miniatures newest release is the fourth bust in their new "Fictional Universe"  - this one - showing a girl being attacked by lifeless hands as she tries to escape with her dog brings to mind the Walking Dead or some such tragedy on the human race - see her in 360 in our preview.

Life Miniatures fourth new bust from their 'Fictional Universe' line

Sculpted and Painted by Sang-Eon Lee
Item Code: LM-FUB004
Pieces: 14 parts
1/10th scale resin bust
Now available from the Life Miniatures Webstore Directly
A week or so ago we got our first look at Life Miniatures fourth bust in their new fictional Universe line. These sculpts by Sang Eon Lee are just as intricate as all of the other work we have hosted here on TMN so we are happy to show the modellers just what they look like. 

Last week our first sneak peek at this new fourteen part 1/10th scaler bust
A handy thing to have if you are running a scale model sculpting business is that the guy who does the sculpts also is one of the best figure painters in the world. Sang Eon Lee paints his busts also, so we can see them fleshed out at the earliest opportunity.
The sculpt shows a young lady, trapped in this post-apocalyptic world with a few bits of the sculpt acting as evidence - the delicately painted sculpt shows that she is covered with blood, her backpack full of provisions, she is aiming her gun at someone or something in the far off while two bloodied hands grasp at her in a lifeless grasp....
This figure is available now from the Life Miniatures Web-page.