Friday, March 8

We preview some of Hasegawa's March Models

Hasegawa has the usual list of several releases for this month, we picked the best of them with what information was on hand to show you what's coming in our March item preview...

Hasegawa's March Models

Anti Gravity Armor Fighter Pkf.85 Falke I Type 
1:20th scale
product number #64115 
Falke's heavy-duty type kit with new decals
Hiroshi Yokoyama is in charge of the package illustration.
The offensive weapon offers a choice of laser gun or the gatling cannon in this boxing.
Decal choices included
Four kinds of markings scheduled

Rosenbauer Panther 6 × 6 chemical fire engine for airport
1/72nd scale
model overall length ... 167mm model the entire width ... 45.5mm
The Rosenbauer Panther 6 x 6 is a chemical fire truck/airport crash tender used in Japan by the Air, Maritimes, and Ground service branches of the National Self-Defense Force, and also at Tokyo's Haneda Airport. To carry out its mission of firefighting and rescue in the event of takeoff and landing accidents at airports/airfields, the Panther is equipped with a roof-mounted water cannon with a spraying range of 80 meters. 
The vehicle is also capable of firefighting operations while in motion. It is powered by an 18,1000cc diesel engine with an output of 705SPS, which can accelerate the giant 32-ton 6-drive vehicle from a complete stop to 80km/h in less than 30 seconds.
[Mold Color]: Red, black, gray
[Includes]: Clear parts, rubber tires, decal sheet
Decal choices included
Ground Self Defense Force Kisarazu Garrison Location vehicle
Air Self Defense Force Tsukishi Base belonging car

1966 American Coupe Type I w / Blonde Girls Figure
1:24th scale
Part number SP402
This is an injection-plastic passenger car kit from Hasegawa, a 1/24 kit of the classy 1966 American Coupe Type I. A resin figure is included to add an extra detail to your kit, or use in a diorama
Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura is in charge of prototype production.

F-104 Star Fighter (G / DJ type) "Taiwan Air Force / Air Self Defense Force"
1:48th scale 
Part number 07473
Reproduce Taiwan Air Force belonging machine with Vietnam camouflage! 
Air Self Defense Force F - 104 DJ was returned to the United States after retirement 
and there were aircraft reissued to the Taiwan Air Force.
Decal choices included
Taiwan Air Force / Air Self Defense Force

F-4 EJ Super Phantom "302 SQ F-4 Final Year 2019 (Black Phantom)"
1:72nd scale
Part number 02302 
The F-4EJ Kai is a modified Phantom II Japan Air Self Defense fighter. The first F-4EJ aircraft were produced in 1968 in Japan by the Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, under license from McDonnell Douglas to replace the aging F-86F North American Saberjet fighters of Korean War fame.

This kit recreates F-4EJ Kai Super Phantom as it was flown by the 302nd Squadron in 2019. Decals are included for the following version: J.A.S.D.F. 7th AW 302nd SQ F-4 retirement special paint (428) (07-8428) Hyakuri A.B. 2018-2019

Decal choices included
Air Self Defense Force No. 7 Aircraft No. 302 Squadron 
F - 4 Retirement Commemorative Coating Machine "399" (Black paint) 
(Hyakuri Base: 2018 - 2019)

Lynn Minmei (China Dress) w / egg VF-1J Valkyrie
1:24th scale
Part number #65847
Lin Min-Mei (figure made by resin) of 1/24 scale China clothes and the egg VF-1J Valkyrie 
Mimamei's prototype production is handled by Mr. Satoshi Tsujimura.
Package Illustration with Mr. Haruhiko Miki's Minmei,
Combine VF-1J of drawing up and raised by Mr. Hideaki Tenjin.
Eye decal included
Decals for egg VF-1J Valkyrie
Bonus: Illustration Decals of Min-May

12 Tamagoya Girls Collection No.01 "Happy Rain" (Swimwear)
1:12th scale
Resin kit
Part number #SP401
One of Hasegawa's popular Egg Girls has been made into a 1/12 scale resin figure! Rei Hazumi is the first in the Egg Girls Collection lineup, and is ready for a day at the beach in her cute bikini.
Package illustration and figure design are drawn by Takashi Fujisawa. 
Taro Makokomi is in charge of prototype production.

Eye decals are included

Lezzo trampio civic
1:24th scale
Part number #20398
Decal choices included
Lezzo trampio Civic CAR No. 71 / CAR No. 72

All if these kits should be available at your local hobby shop this month. Te see more on these kits or distributors closer to you take a look at the Hasegawa Website