Sunday, March 10

Winter is coming (somewhere) as is the new Ski-equipped Sharotank from MiniArt

MiniArt gets the have shown us their new "What-If?" Spherical "Ball Tank". Miniart has given us a new version of the ball tank in Soviet and German winter markings with the 35th scale Soviet Ball Tank W/ Winter Ski. w/ Interior kit - See what we are talking about in our preview...

MiniArt presents the third of the new series of "What If...?" 

Soviet Ball Tank W/ Winter Ski. w/ Interior kit
1/35th scale
Product No #40008
We have news from Miniart showing an all-new version of the "Sharotank" design, but this time the ball is on ice! Ski equipped version of this winterised tank has six! makings in both winter Soviet & German markings...
To give you a little more of a look of what the kit looks like Miniart has supplied a CAD built up view of the kit including the full interior. Notice the large skis that accompany this version as well as the large Soviet 45mm & DSK machine guns!

Here we have the sprues of the kit - we noticed that for the most part, the kit is the same - with some added Soviet machine guns in there instead of the ones... The large skits are of course a new addition to the kit also.
For more on this #40008 SOVIET BALL TANK w/ WINTER SKI. INTERIOR KIT as it comes to light check out the product link on the MiniArt Website