Thursday, May 9

A Badger in the wild - First signs of Amusing Hobby's new TD emerge at Shizuoka Hobby Show

Amusing Hobby has added to their announcement about the ARL-44 in 35th scale with more built up pictures of their FV 217 Badger British Heavy Tank Destroyer. See a little more of this kit in our preview...

Preview: FV 217 Badger in the plastic from Amusing Hobby at Shizuoka

FV 217 Badger British Heavy Tank Destroyer
Kit No #35A034
1/35th scale
A fictional tank made real by the video game "World of Tanks" this was based on a project for a tank destroyer that used the Conqueror chassis and developed in the late 1940s. Existed only in blueprints. Also, the FV217 had no official "Nickname" mentioned, the name "Badger" is most likely fictional.
The FV217 Badger as it appears in World of Tanks is a combination of the FV205 and FV217 proposals - specifically, its model is based on the wooden mock-up that was made of the FV205, while the name is from the later FV217. There is little known information on both projects - the FV205 and FV217 were intended to be case-mate tank destroyers, based on the chassis of the FV201 tank. The FV201 chassis was later used for the FV221 Caernarvon and the FV214 Conqueror.
The FV205 was designed as a "Self-Propelled Medium Anti-Tank gun". A scale model was built in 1947, but the project itself was later cancelled in 1949. The intended armament, as well as the planned armour layout, is unknown. The FV217 was a later proposal to mount a 120mm cannon into a modified FV201 chassis, designed as a "Self-Propelled 120 Medium Anti-Tank" vehicle. Like the FV205, almost nothing is known about the project. Its designation indicates that it was proposed later than the FV214 Conqueror, possibly due to the complications and delays with the heavy tank. Nevertheless, the FV217 was also cancelled.

Amusing Hobby's 1/35th scale FV 217 Badger British Heavy Tank Destroyer #35A034
The new kit from Amusing Hobby has been seen built up and it is on preview at the Shizuoka Hobby Show.

Here are several all-round view of the kit - it sure does look very British and very important (Claus Kellerman joke)
More on this as the kit is released - until then you can see more of Amusing Hobby's models on their website