Tuesday, May 7

It's Official - 2019 is "Year of the Sherman" with RyeField's new-tool "Easy Eight"

Apart from a little bit of a spelling error on the flyer for this kit, it looks like RyeFeild Model's new "Easy Eitht 😄" Sherman might be interesting to some modellers out there - We have artwork, sprues and a feature set in our preview...

RyeField Model's new 1/35th scale Easy Eight 
(they have fixed the title already 😄)

M4A3E8 Sherman "Easy Eight"
From: RyeField Model
1/35th scale
Kit No# 5028
Injection moulded kit in Grey & Clear
10 sprues + Hull & turret 
Individual track links
Photo Etch Included
Decal for one Sherman included
Well, it looks like one in all in on the Sherman front - with Meng recently releasing a new tool Sherman, now RyeField Model have plans for their own kit in 1/35th scale. 
The kit has no interior, but a few other points of interest - what we do know about the box from the artwork provided is:
- The kit  No# 5028 is 1/35th scale
- It is a full new tool injection moulded kit in Grey & Clear
- 10 sprues in the box including the clear sprue, Hull & turret 
- Individual track links are included
- Workable suspension and tracks
- Photo-Etch Included
- Decal for one Sherman included

The sprue map for those who like that kinda thing...
Close up of several parts of the kit on the sprues...
RyeField also has released a feature set which tells us a lot more about the workings of the new kit.
A test kit of the Easy eight is provided - so they must be close to release already although we do not know when the kit will be out as of yet.

More on this kit closer to release - Until then check out the RyeField Website for more info on their kits.