Friday, June 7

Five of Italeri's new releases in our June preview...

A shiny big rig, a dinky Fiat - a Sherman with a lot of blokes, the last Mirage, A thundering Junkers are all in the mix from Italeri this month. We have art, colours & sprues in our preview...

Italeri's new products of June

Mercedes-Benz ACTROS MP4 Giga Space
Kit No #3935
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 26,9 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 118 mm
Price: € 66
Product Link on the Italeri Website
Actros is the commercial name for Mercedes-Benz heavy truck range. The Actros range has been introduced in 1995 and quickly achieved significant commercial success as a suitable solution to perform long-distance haulage and heavy-duties haulage. The New Actros, introduced on the market in 2012, is the most updated and innovative expression of the heavy truck Mercedes family. It is characterised by an advanced and modern design and the adoption of new Euro 5 and Euro 6 engines. 

Kit features:
Super Decal Sheet 
 - New Chromed Parts
Vinyl tyres
 Mesh for grilles
The vehicle configuration has been designed and developed to guarantee the highest operational efficiency minimising the running costs. Among the several configurations available it is particularly interesting the long-haul high-roof cabin version, design to offer the highest standard of comfort on board for two drivers. The Actros is also a good starting base to create fantastic ShowTrucks with liveries and graphics characterized by a high visual impact that are real masterpieces on wheels.


Kit No #35104
1/72nd scale
Model Size: 20 cm 
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 48 mm
Price: € 25
Product Link on the Italeri Website
The Junkers Ju 88 was Germany's first purpose-built Schnellbomber aircraft, developed during the mid-1930s. Although the Schnellbomber concept would have been proven as flawed, the Ju 88 remained instrumental in the early days German Blitzkrieg, 
In fact, the Ju 88 became the most produced German twin-engine aircraft of the time, serving a multitude of roles throughout its service life.

The box contains:

Guide, Colour instructions & The base for the model
Glue is also included
Bonus Codes (PC / Mac Version): Thach's F2-A1 Buffalo (Rank 1, USA Premium Fighter); He-112B (Rank 1, Germany Premium Fighter)
7 days of premium account 

-Italeri Decal sheet


Kit No #2790
1/48th scale
Model size: 31.9 cm 
Box size: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Price: € 40
Product Link on the Italeri Website
The Mirage F1 was built by the French company Dassault to equip the Armée de l'air departments with a modern multi-role interceptor fighter capable of having supersonic performances. The Mirage F1 entered service at the beginning of the seventies and was characterized by the arrow wing and the Snecma Atar turbojet engine capable of making the aircraft reach the maximum speed of Mach 2.2. 

Kit features:

- Improved Moulds 
- Super Decal For 3 Versions 
- Colour Instruction Sheet
Over the years, several versions were made, many of which were for export. For example, the Mirage F1 CR was set up to perform aerial reconnaissance tasks through dedicated internal equipment and the possibility of adopting external pods. The Mirage F1 CT, with improved avionics and the adoption of identification and targeting systems for ground targets.


Kit No #6568
1/35th scale
Model Dim.: 16,7 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Price: € 36
Product Link on the Italeri Website
The M4 Sherman medium tank was the primary tank used by the United States during World War II. It has been produced in a significant number of units and it formed the backbone of United Stated armoured forces during at those time. It has been produced in several variants and versions. The first version to be produced on a wide scale was the Sherman M4A1 characterised by the rounded edges of the fully casted upper hull. 

Inside the box this kit:

- Contains 10 Figures 
- New Glueable Rubber Trucks 

- Super Decals For 3 Versions 
- Colour Instruction Sheet Included

Even the turret had a rounded appearance. The Sherman would enter combat in armoured corps of United States Army in 1942 during the first months of the war. It was armed with the 75 mm gun that was replaced in the latest A1 version with the high-speed 76 mm gun. 
Thanks to its Continental R975 gasoline engine the tank was able to obtain good performances on all type of terrains. However, the most important strength of the tank was its project. The Sherman was reliable, cheap and easy to produce in great numbers.

FIAT 500 (2007)

Kit No #3647
1/24th scale
Model Size: 14.8 cm 
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Price: € 29.00
Product Link on the Italeri Website
In 2007, the Fiat Group presented the heir to the iconic car of Italian automotive production: the Fiat 500. The design was immediately considered extremely interesting by adopting stylistic solutions, interpreted in a modern and current key, which recall the "classic" Fiat 500 that made its debut on the market in 1957. 
- Colour Instructions & decals for several different vehicles from Europe
- Chrome Parts

The most innovative technological and safety solutions are adopted in the car to position themselves on the market as a fashionable, accessible but at the same time exclusive city car. Great attention was also paid to the numerous versions available and to the extensive catalogue of accessories that allowed the Customer to personalize the car and make it even more unique. Over the course of time, several engines were used on the Fiat "small", from the twin-cylinder TwinAir 895 cc petrol engine to the 1,248 cc MultiJet diesel.
The finished model - I fiat!

These releases should be available in your local hobby shop this month. You can also buy directly from Italeri from the links in this preview...