Thursday, June 6

Stalingrad's new Tiger II crew in 35th scale wave as they pass the camera - straight on to your workbench...

Stalingrad Miniatures brings us another set to compliment your 35th scale Tiger II. These are sitting outside - rather than inside the tank as were the last set for the King Tiger we looked at.  The set in 35th scale is directly influenced by wartime film that we have some images of in our preview...

A new set of 4 figures for your Tiger II from Stalingrad in 35th scale

These new resin figures were mastered on the Meng kit, but we think that they will most probably suit your 1/35th scale kit from Takom, or the ICM/ Revell Tiger II also. The interiors of these tanks are cramped, but the spaces inside should be at least similar. This compliment Stalingrad's earlier set for the King Tiger called "King Tiger crew in action, 1944-45 # 3086" which we looked at earlier on the news...
These figures in the new set are derived from images of a well-known wartime film taken at Tondorf in Germany just before the Battle of the Bulge that featured some King Tiger tanks of s.SS-Pz.Abt. 501 (Kampfgruppe Peiper). The Tigers number 008 and 222 were later destroyed or abandoned in Belgium near La Gleize and Stavelot.
These figures are based on the famous picture of a young Tiger II No# 222 crew on their way into the Ardennes - as you can see, they are waving at the propaganda man taking the pictures. Note that they are dressed in several different styles of uniform - just like the figures in the set.

King Tiger crew in Ardennes, December 1944 
(3 figures + 1 bust)
Kit no # 3176
1/35th scale 
Cream resin unassembled figures
These four new figures are sculpted by Stalingrad's boss Alexander Zelenkov. Alex makes great graphics to go along with his figures - and these two are no exception, and the colour added to the four men inside the tank looking out to bring them to life.
A short ten-second video of the film that inspired these sculpts...
Here are the four figures in cream resin - although put together to show you what they look like they are unassembled and unpainted in this set. Dressed up warmly for the harsh winter of 1944 - you can see that these figures are waving at the cameras - just like in the film, or you could pose them waving at their comrades or bystanders as they pass a scene on the road.
Painted up, you can see more of their uniforms in this picture, you can also see them in a more lifelike vision after colour is added to the men.
These new figures from Stalingrad are available now & you can see distributors near you on the Stalingrad site