Friday, July 12

A boat & several aircraft are amongst our cherry-picked "Limited releases" from Hasegawa in Sept/ August

We have ignored the many "re-sale" items of Hasegawa's September items and thought we might show you what they are selling as a "Limited Edition" in their releases of August/ September. See what is coming in our preview...

Hasegawa's August/ September's  Limited Edition kits...

Japanese Navy Destroyer Hayami (Yukumo Type)
1: 700th scale 
Kit number #CH124 
model length ... 170.5 mm
Newly developed ship bottom parts, reproduce the full-hull state. 
A luxurious edition that comes with etching + wooden base + aluminium name plate! 

This boxing includes:
-Wooden parts
-Display stand
-Aluminium parts
-Additional plastic parts
-Ship bottom parts etc
-Etched parts including the bridge roof with window frame, chimney rain grate, ventilation net, handrail etc

Product Specifications
The 32nd Destroyer Affiliation (1943/1944)

F-15J Eagle "305SQ 40th Anniversary" w / High Detail Nozzle Parts
1:72nd scale
Kit number #02312
number of parts 80 
model length 267 mm / model width 179 mm
The kit of the unit's 40th anniversary painting machine of 305 SQ is presented in this limited edition boxing. The kit comes with special digital camouflage sets decals, but also importantly with a pair of super high detail 3D printing nozzle parts! (Closed nozzles) 
JASDF 5th Air Corps 305th Squadron Unit 40th Anniversary Painting Machine "876" (Nittahara Base: March 2019)

Kawanishi H8 K1 2 type large flying boat 11 type "second Pearl Harbor attack"
1:72nd scale
Kit number #02311
number of parts 299 
model length 407 mm / model width 528 mm
A model reproducing the aircraft of the second attack on Pearl Harbor (Operation K: March 4-5, 1942). "Y-71" "Y-72" of the Yokohama Naval Air Corps carried out the second Pearl Harbor attack operation by refuelling from submarines at the relay point taking advantage of the range and the float-planes on the aircraft. The two units reached their targets, dropped bombs and returned safely.
The second prototype Yokohama Navy Airline Corps belonging model "Y-71" Hitoshi Hashizume
The 4th increase trial manufacture Yokohama Navy Air Corps belonging machine "Y-72"

F / A-18E Super Hornet "VFA-14 Top Hatter's CAG"
1:72nd Scale
Kit number #02309 
parts 118 
model length 255 mm / model width 184 mm
A model released that replicates the VAG-14 CAG bird that was painted up in bright red and black colours to celebrate the unit's 100th anniversary. Parts included are for the block II variant of the Super Hornet.
14th Battle Attack Squadron "Top Hatter's" CAG aircraft "NG200" (2019) equipped with USN aircraft carrier USS John C. Stennis

F-111G Aardvark "Australian Air Force"
Scale 1:72nd
Kit number #02314
parts 155 model length 320 mm / model width 296 mm
Reproduce the fighter bomber type belonging to the Australian Air Force - retired but not forgotten, these were the backbone of the RAAF's strike force for many years.
82nd Attack Air Force Sixth Flight Squadron "272" (Ambley base: 2002)
82nd Attack Air Force Sixth Flight Squadron 60th Anniversary Painting Machine “274” (1999)

Kawasaki T-4 "Air Park 20th Anniversary"
Scale 1:48th scale
Kit number #07477
parts 117 
model length 258mm / model width 207 mm
Hamamatsu Public Relations Centre Opening 20th Anniversary colours. This kit received a special colour scheme to mark the anniversary and this is presented in this boxing. 

Air Self Defence Force 1st Air Force 31st Education Squadron Air-Park 20th Anniversary Painting Machine "803"

All of these kits should be available at your local hobby shop in September or August. To see more on these kits or distributors closer to you take a look at the Hasegawa Website