Tuesday, July 23

Preview: Eduard's new 48th scale P-51D - what we know so far...

So this has been coming for quite a while now - and you have all time to get your benches clear - the new 48th scale P-51D Mustang (along with t rest of the family) will be coming to our local hobby shops from August. What do we know about the kit so far? We show you a look under the curtain in our preview...

Preview: Eduard's new Quater scale Mustang in graphical detail...

P-51D-5 "Limited Edition"
From Eduard Model Accessories
 1/48th scale
Cat. No. 11134
Decals for six aircraft in the one box
Due for release on 7 August 2019
The world cannot get enough Mustangs it seems  - with several already on the market in 48th scale, one would think that Eduard's latest offering might get lost in the forest of trees - but uh-oh no-way-sir-ee-bob - as it looks like modellers are really anticipating the details on a new-tool kit that Eduard are so well known for. 
We have been trolling their page for a while now, and we have some info about the kit, colours, options, release date etc in our preview...

The quarter-scale P-51D Mustang project in its first phase covers a wide scale of used variants of the D series. Editions slated to be released this year will bring variants in production blocks D-5-NA & D-5-NT, both in versions with and without the dorsal fin assembly.

The original D-5 without the fin will be released as of October ProfiPACK, the variant with added dorsal fin will be released in the August Limited Edition called "Chattanooga Choo Choo"  - just in time for the  IPMS National Convention in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The convention starts on August 7th, and it also signals the first day of availability of the kit. The first run will be limited to 3,000 kits. 

The D-10-NA production block will be part of the December Royal Class release. These kits will contain several interior details variable choices, various canopies, antennas, instrument pannels, gunsights, radios and batteries, etc. This scheme is focused on exterior differences of actual variants.
Here you can see Eduard's CEO Mr Vladimir Sulc (right) discuss with Martin Nademlejnsky some last upgrades on the instruction sheet, they are holding the final pre-production kit.
Note the three fully build test models in the foreground of the picture above. The kit itself is almost ready, Eduard is working on last tool adjustments. The box design by Jan Zdiarsky using artefacts from the Museum of Air Battle over the Ore Mountains on September 11th, 1944 and great Mustang artwork by Piotr Forkasiewicz.

Eduard 1/48 P-51D - some features of this kit

Decals by Cartograf for 6 markings of 8th and 15th USAAF Mustangs.

-s/n 44-13535, Lt. Edward F. Pogue, 79th FS, 20th FG, Kings Cliffe, United Kingdom, 1944 --s/n 44-13984, Lt. Clarence Boretsky, 334th FS, 4th FG, Debden, United Kingdom, Autumn --s/n 44-13893, Lt. Thomas P. Smith, 370th FS, 359th FG, East Wretham, United Kingdom, November 1944 

-s/n 44-13298, Capt. Fredie F. Ohr, 2nd FS, 52nd FG, Madna, Italy, Autumn 1944 

-s/n 44-13783, Lt. Irving Snedeker, 364th FS, 357th FG, Leiston, United Kingdom, April 1945 

-s/n 44-13677, Lt. William G. Cullerton, 357th FS, 355th FG, Steeple Morden, United Kingdom, 
That is all that we know about this kit so far - we will fill you in with more as it arises!

The Limited Edition of P-51D-5 with additional dorsal fin fillet will be released on 7 August 2019. More information as it come sto hand here or from the Eduard Models Website