Friday, July 19

Straight from the Battle of Berlin - Das Werk's new Borgward IV Panzerjäger Wanze in 35th scale

From the Endkampf of WWII - Das Werk roars out of the flames of the battle of Berlin with a special limited release of a tiny tracked tank packing a great big punch! In collaboration with Amusing Hobby, Das Werk has produced a version of the Borgward IV Panzerjäger Wanze in 35th scale for a September release - see more about it in our preview...

Das Werk's new Borgward IV Panzerjäger Wanze in 35th scale

Borgward IV Panzerjäger Wanze
From Das Werk
1/35th scale
Kit No# 35008
New tool kit
Link & Length plastic tracks
4 marking choices by AMMO of Mig
Expected release early September
Expected release date in September - Das Werk's new tiny terror of the Battle of Berlin looks pretty sweet to us - IT is a tiny tracked tank that actually DID see action in the last days of WWII so this ain't "What-if" - more like "what the hell?" for enemies that opposed them in 1945.

Hang on - never seen this tank before?

The Borgward IV, officially designated Schwerer Ladungsträger Borgward B IV (heavy explosive carrier Borgward B IV), was a German remote-controlled demolition vehicle used in World War II. Near the end of World War II, approximately 56 Ausf. Bs and Cs were converted to the Panzerjäger Wanze, armed with six RPzB 54/1 anti-tank rockets. In the last days of the war, these vehicles fought some minor skirmishes against Soviet armour and saw some action at the Battle of Berlin

Borgward IV (without the rocket armament) at the German Tank Museum in Munster, Germany
The result were tank destroyers with the name Wanze. The Wanze was equipped with six RPzB 54/1 anti-tank rockets. These rockets were also known as the Panzerschreck or in English "tank fright" or "tank's bane".

 A model being inspected before action by senior German officers

Destroyed and abandoned, hiding in ambush - there are no limits to your choice of diorama to suit this kit. The model is certainly also great for a What if? -1946 surroundings
 A weapon of the Endkampf, especially The Battle for Berlin in 1945.

The kit from Das Werk:
This vehicle will be presented by Das Werk Scale Models for the first time in a fully plastic injection moulded kit. This kit features:
- Newly-tooled kit
- Link & Length plastic tracks
- 4 marking choices by AMMO of Mig
- One-piece plastic launch tubes of RPzB 54/1 & Single rockets for RPzB.54/1 (Raketenpanzerbüchse 54)

CAD Drawings of this kit
Colour Info and Profiles
Although there are relatively little information and images about the Borgward IV Panzerjäger, Das Werk offers you some inspiration. For this, Das Werk collaborated with Ammo by Mig and added five different marking profiles.

The version that is on the boxart amongst the ruins of occupied Berlin
Four for vehicles of the German Army (Wehrmacht) and one for a captured vehicle in the service of the Soviet Red Army.

Decal Choices in the box
Three different decal options of FIVE different colour schemes are included:
- Panzervernichtungs-Abteilung 1
(Hearts + Numbers 224 and 333)
- Soviet Captured Version
(сверчок - Grille - Cricket)
Expected release early September
For more information on how to pre-order this kit visit the Product Link on the Das Werk Website