Thursday, July 25

Tamiya's 1/48th scale Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning is about to strike...

It seems the season for high profile new-toled kits. Eduard's Mustang is imminent, and now Tamiya confirms that yes, the P=38 Lightning is coming in 48th scale. We have some of the kit's features in our preview...

Preview: Tamiya's new 1/48 Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning

Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning
From Tamiya 
Kit No # 61120 
1/48th scale
Two decal choices in the box
Kabuki canopy masking included
Tamiya has now confirmed their new-tool kit of the Lockheed P-38®F/G Lightning in 1/48th scale is on the way. It is without question that the P-38 is a unique fighter from World War II and it’s been one of the most popular subjects in this scale. Tamiya has promised that extensive research and ever-evolving mould making techniques are being used to devise this kit. Tamiya’s designers also promise that they have gone to great lengths to achieve the best fitting and most accurate P-38 Lightning F/G model assembly kit to date. We are sure this kit will adorn modellers collections and be the topic of discussion in the various model contests across the globe for the foreseeable future. 

The Lockheed P-38 Lightning in history:
This WWII fighter was a daring design with twin booms and a piston engine in each, plus a central nacelle which housed the cockpit and armament (machine guns and cannon in the nose). Introduced in June 1941, the aircraft went on to be used extensively in the Pacific through WWII. 
The F variant was manufactured from April 1942 onward, and featured pylons for 150-gallon drop tanks to make it capable of longer bombing missions. Later P-38Gs had more powerful engines and could carry bigger 300-gallon drop tanks. The P-38 was used for interception, dive-bombing, level bombing, ground attack, night fighting, photo-reconnaissance, radar and visual pathfinding for bombers and evacuation missions, and extensively as a long-range escort fighter when equipped with drop tanks under its wings.
The new Tamiya 1/48th scale Lockheed P-38 F/G Lightning kit:
• 1/48 scale plastic model assembly kit. Fuselage length: 240mm, wingspan: 330mm.
• Both P-38F and P-38G variants can be built.
• The model creates a parked aircraft when assembled and complete.
• Features accurate depictions of early P-38 features such as slimline engine cowlings, intercoolers in leading edges, plus the curved canopy front.

These pictures are from a recent show in Asia
Some of the parts of the kit already on display as a teaser from Tamiya
• Nose weights are included in the kit to ensure the correct balance of the model when displayed.
• The canopy can be assembled open or closed. When closed, it is a 1-part slide-moulded piece with dedicated F and G variant parts. The hatch is shown open sideways on the P-38F, and vertically on the P-38G.
• A detailed cockpit features the wheel-type controls, radio, throttle box and more.
• This kit comes with parts to recreate two each of 150- and 300-gallon drop tanks.

Decals and markings:
• Includes two marking options: “White 147” P-38G-13-LO SN 43-2264 "Miss Virginia" which took part in the interception of Admiral Isoroku Yamamoto in April 1943 
Also presented will be “White 33” P-38F Lightning #33  of the 39th FS - also in the pacific theatre of operations.
• Mirror stickers are included to recreate cockpit mirror and engine cowling interior surface sections.
• Comes with canopy masking stickers and a full-colour painting guide.

That is all we know about this kit so far, we will let you know more as information is released. Until then, here is the product link on the Tamiya Website