Tuesday, August 27

Two new figure sets & some stolen booty from Masterbox in October

Masterbox are bringing us two new kits for October - both in 35th scale - with one - vanilla, straight-up German WWII tank crew & the other being an almost out of this world scenario of a bunch of bloodthirsty amazonian post-apocalyptic warriors fighting over some booty! What a contrast & an interesting article in today's new item preview...

Two new figure sets and some stolen booty from Masterbox in October

German Tank Crew, 1944-1945
Scale: 1:35th
Kit No: 3520
Release Date: October
Barcode: 35201
This kit includes one sprue containing five figures injection moulded in tan colour. 
These figures show German tankers inside a tank like a Panzer IV, Panter or Tiger tanks. The crew are looking very well attired, like an earlier to mid-war crew with the matching uniforms that crews were supplied with earlier in the war before the shortages of the war effort and the isolated pockets of soldiers pushed to the limit saw these tankers in more irregular gear as the war reached its end.
Each of these soldiers is equipped with not only radio cans, but also the wires for these cans, also the pistols that many of the tankers carried for personal protection are included on these tan sprues.

Desert Battle Series. Skull Clan - New Amazons. Give it back! This is my booty!!!
from the "Post-apocalyptic Fiction Series"
Scale: 1:35th
Kit No: 35202
Release Date: October
I'll say get your hands off my booty! The series of "Post-apocalyptic Fiction" from MAsterbox sees a new set of wild gals out for survival and maybe a bit of bling also - hard times make hard people and these ladies look like they have been hardened by a tough world after that silly-ol' apocalypse!
What Apocalypse? The Masterbox people have this alternate history set aside for this series: "
As a result of the global economic catastrophe that occurred between 2023-2038, cities worldwide were left without food, water and heating and were generally abandoned by the general population as they became unlivable.

Only a few precious clans of raider groups are brave enough to enter these very dangerous city streets of the cities in search of useful items, One such group from the Skull Clan Community of Amazons came across an abandoned high-class women's clothing store during their raid.
Because the shop was full of stunningly beautiful underwear, which melted the most hardened warrior's hearts (I mean who doesn't need new undies in an apocalypse?)  a fierce fight broke out between the members of the raiding parties for the possession of the lace panties and other treasured possessions. 
To make matters worse, the sudden appearance of another unknown group of female raiders stopped this "battle of the booty" when the skull clan members who suddenly found a more serious enemy in these opposing Amazons raiders from another clan.
Of course, in all seriousness, this set of figures has five amazons in 35th scale all fighting one another in dynamic poses on the one sprue for you to create whatever drama you want to in your futuristic panty-less wasteland...

These two kits will be available from Masterbox's distributors worldwide.