Thursday, September 5

Brand new Sturmgeschütz III on the battlefield 5 from Peko Publishing

Volume twenty of Peko's now long-running series "On the Battlefield" features a fan favourite - the Sturmgeschütz III in many of its different forms during World War Two. We have some images of the forthcoming book that can be pre-ordered now.  See if you like the look of it in our preview...
Brand new Sturmgeschütz III on the battlefield 5 from Peko Publishing

Preview: WW2 photobook series Vol. 20 – Sturmgeschütz III on the battlefield 5
Author: Mátyás Pánczél
Physical: Hardcover, 300x215mm, landscape
Binding: Hardcover
112 Pages
ISBN: 9786155583179
Release Date 30/9/19
Regular retail Price: €28.95/ Pre-order Price: €25.00
The twentieth volume of PeKo Publishing’s photo-monograph series, Sturmgeschütz III on battlefield 5, has the publisher’s usual corporate image displayed. The hardcover, landscape formatted book’s brief introduction is followed by more than a hundred mainly unpublished photographs, published in the highest possible quality. Both the introduction and the captions are bilingual (English / Hungarian).
German tank expert Mátyás Pánczél looks at the StuG III in this 112 page, landscape format book with 105 large-format photographs. Pre-ordered books come at a discount from Peko directly, but only for a short time if you are interested in that.
 This book will be available on 30/09/2019, but before then it is being sold a few Euros cheaper, so get in there fast if you want this or their other books at a discount price! Check them out at