Thursday, September 5

MiniArt's second autogyro rises - the new 35th scale Focke-Wulf Fw 30 Heuschrecke

In today's preview, we have look at the second in the series of MiniArt's new 1/35th scale autogyro series. This time the German-produced version that is slated for release next month. New Sprue pics, aircraft marking schemes & other pointers of the kit laid out in CAD for you to better understand what is in this boxing of the aircraft...

MiniArt's second autogyro rises - the new 35th scale Focke-Wulf Fw 30 Heuschrecke

Focke-Wulf Fw 30 Heuschrecke
From MiniArt Models
Kit No #41012
Scale: 1:35th
Box size: 345x240x60 mm
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The Focke-Wulf Fw 30 Heuschrecke In history.
This autogyro was a licenced built version of the 
Cierva C.30 autogyro. Originally designed by Juan de la Cierva and built under licence from the Cierva Autogiro Company by A V Roe & Co Ltd (Avro), Lioré-et-Olivier.

Forty aircraft were built in Germany as the Focke-Wulf Fw 30 Heuschrecke (Grasshopper) with a 140 hp (105 kW) Siemens Sh 14A 7-cylinder radial engine. Since the RLM had set high hopes for the gyrocopter aircraft as a liaison plane, an order was issued in December 1935 for 36 aircraft, which was even increased to 43 a few months later. According to aircraft delivery plan no. 8, only 12 of these were delivered by 31 March. Whether afterwards still further were built, is not known. 
Production variants from different countries:
There were, of course, be several other sub-types we would think of this aircraft - seeing that it was originally conceived by Juan de la Cierva, it was sold to several companies under licence...

Avro (Britain)
Avro obtained the licence in 1934 and subsequently built 78 examples, under their model designation, fitted with an Armstrong Siddeley Genet Major IA (known in the RAF as the Civet 1) 7-cylinder radial engine producing 140 hp (100 kW). The first production C.30A was delivered in July 1934.

Lioré-et-Olivier (France)
Twenty-five aircraft were built in France by Lioré-et-Olivier as the LeO C.301 with a 175 hp (130 kW) Salmson 9NE 9-cylinder radial engine.

This new kit from MiniArt:
The new 35th scale AVRO 671 ROTA MK.I RAF is the first boxing of this aircraft from MiniArt and the first of its kind in injection moulded plastic. MiniArt does not have much as of yet to say for sure - but this is what we know...

Focke-Wulf Fw 30 Heuschrecke
From MiniArt Models
Kit No #41012
Scale: 1:35th
Box size: 345x240x60 mm
The advertised feature set from MiniArt:
Clear Parts Included
Hatches Can Be Open Or Closed

Photo-etched Parts Included
The Sprues for this kit (in CAD)
Decal Sheet For 2 Variants
The profiles of the two variants depicted are here...
CAD information on the features of the kit
There will be no doubt more of these in liveries of many different countries and companies forthcoming - so stay tuned to see more about this kit as it, ahem, "arises".😋

For more on this #41012 kit as it comes to light check out the product link on the MiniArt Website