Friday, September 27

New book preview: Accion Press' new "Airplanes in Scale: WWI"

Accion Press has made quite a few very nice modelling books, giving us a journey right from the start of diorama, AFV, figure and now WWI Aircraft being the focus. We have some images from the new book and a synopsis of the contents in our preview...

An all-new book about modelling the knights of the sky in WWI from Accion Press...

Preview: Airplanes in Scale: WWI
From Accion Press
Product No: #GM-AS3_EN
Available in English or Spanish Languages
144 Pages
Soft Cover, A4 format
more than 600 photos.
26,50 €
The First World War saw many advances in unprecedented theatres of war and the weapons used to fight: the armoured vehicle, the flamethrower, tracer bullets, chemical weapons, submarines & aviation ... Definitely, this conflict would change the way of understanding wars for at least the next century.
It is for this reason that Accion Press wanted to continue their collection dedicated to aircraft modelling, "Airplanes in Scale", with a volume focused exclusively on the First World War.
Through some of the most emblematic aeroplanes of this era, several procedures and techniques are taught by each author thanks to many detailed photographs with step-by-step captions. In this book, you will learn how to imitate wood, aircraft fabric covering, WWI engines or something very characteristic of these aeroplanes, the different kinds of struts.
This book is one clear and easy-to-follow guide not only for those who love the aircraft of the First World War, but for any modeller who likes this theme but has never dared to make any such model because of its supposed complexity. Many of the techniques presented in this volume can also be used in other aviation topics and even in other modelling disciplines. This is an essential resource for any aviation modeller.
In addition to the aircraft models featured throughout, the publishers have added two articles that show how to paint your WWI pilots.
Accion Press already has this book on sale in both English and Spanish languages, so if you like what you see you can purchase it from their website...