Saturday, September 28

Preview: Takom's new 35th scale Russian Navy AK-130 Automatic Gun

Takom has just sent news of not one, but two big automatic guns in an automated turret that will blow your shi - ship clean away - the deadly double-barreled AK-130 Naval Gun of the Russian Navy is the subject of their soon to be released new boxing coming soon...

Takoms new 35th scale AK-130 in our preview

 Russian Navy AK-130 Automatic Gun
From: Takom
1:35th scale
Kit No # 
Movable guns
Photo-Etch & Clear parts included
 Two marking choices inside the box.
Due for Release: November 2019

The AK 130 in service...
The AK-130 is a naval gun turret of Soviet origin. It was developed in the 1970's as a more capable gun turret than the earlier SM-2 as armament for destroyers and cruisers. The AK-130 is the most powerful naval gun turret that remains in service. The AK-130 is one of the few modern two-barrel gun turrets. Its single barrel performance is similar to the US 127mm Mk 45 and Italian 127mm Compatto.
The AK-130 is a massive twin-gun turret. It was developed as a single gun design at first but two guns were required to meet the desired rate of fire. The 130mm guns have been derived from the 130mm M-46 towed artillery piece. 
The water-cooled guns are mounted side by side in a massive unmanned turret with an automatic loader. The ammunition is stored below deck. The MR-184 fire control radar and optronic guidance package can control up to two AK-130 turrets.
The AK-130 fires 130mm shells that have been derived from the towed 130mm M-46 howitzer. The maximum range is 23 km against surface targets and 15 km versus aircraft. The rate of fire is 10 to 35 rpm per barrel, which results in a maximum of 70 rpm per gun mount. A total of 150 to 180 rounds are stored in the magazine below deck. Sovremenny class destroyers carry a total of 500 rounds in the loading system and stored in other locations.
The main user of the AK-130 was the USSR navy and currently is the Russian navy. The AK-130 is used on the Sovremenny and Udaloy II class destroyers and the Slava and Kirov class cruisers. The sole export user is China which uses the AK-130 on their Sovremenny class destroyers. A single gun mount called AK-192 has been developed but has not been produced yet.

AK-130 mounted on the Nastoychiviy destroyer.
The AK-130 is a twin 130mm gun naval mount. It is one of the largest and heaviest modern naval guns. Only a single variant was ever produced. A single gun AK-192 mount has been developed but has not been placed in production. The AK-130 is only used in conjunction with the MR-184 fire control radar.
Ships with AK-130
Slava-class cruiser (Project 1164)
Kirov-class battlecruiser (Project 1144)
Sovremenny-class destroyer (Project 956)
Udaloy II-class destroyer (Project 1155.1)
The AK-130 Naval Gun firing from the Admiral Chabanenko, an Udaloy II class Destroyer of the Russian Navy

This new kit from Takom:
This is a new way for Takom. These naval guns in 35th scale have recently started to surface with other companies also. We know that Takom has long been into large guns and artillery pieces and you can see some built up here on TMN. 
This kit features:
- Swivelling, elevatable guns
- Photo-Etch & Clear parts included
- Two marking choices inside the box.

More news about this series and this kits as soon as we have it, till then keep tuned and we will get building them as soon as we get them in our hands here at TMNHQ.