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Das Werk's Product Announcements from Nuremberg 2020Toy Fair

Das Werk presented their latest kits - both originals and co-operations with other companies kits with their own flourishes at the International Toy Fair Nuremberg (Spielwarenmesse Nürnberg) 2020. We have a rundown of them in our preview...

Das Werk's Product Announcements from Nuremberg 2020Toy Fair

Ju EF-126 „Elli“ / EF-127 „Walli“ (3 in 1)
Entwicklungsflugzeug - Jägernotprogramm
1/32nd scale
Kit No DW32001
Das Werk's first aeroplane in 1/32nd scale is this "What-if?" fighter in the larger scale -  the The Junkers Ef-126 / Ef-127.

The Junkers Ef-126 / Ef-127 was an experimental fighter that was proposed as a re­sponse to the „Jägernotprogramm“ or „Emergency Fighter Program“ request for proposal issued by the Luftwaffe High Command. The type featured 2 MG 151 mm cannons on each side of the cockpit (similar to the He162 Salamander). While the initial design was supposed to use a single Argus As 014 pulse-jet engine, it was quickly found to be underpowered in that config­uration. Various alternative propulsion options were explored, including a dual Argus As 014 configuration, a Walther 509C rocket motor, like that carried by the Me263 experimental fight­er, and a single Jumo 226 pulse-jet. The type was to built utilizing wood for the flying surfaces with an aluminium fuselage and key structural elements. 4 Schmidding rocket boosters were arranged circumferentially around the rear fuselage in an arrangement similar to the Bachem Natter Ba 349, another design submitted to fulfil the requirements of the Emergency Fighter Program, to make it possible for the Ef-126 / Ef-127 to take off under its own power using a wheeled trolley. Landing was facilitated by the addition of a retractable skid and fixed wingtip protective skids.

Product Details
Highly detailed static plastic model (1 of 3 versions)
Detailed Cockpit
Factory fuselage cradle
Optional landing skid position
7 different marking options
Bonus: Takeoff / Ground-handling trolley
The Engines
Three possible versions can be built.
EF-127 Walther 509C1 Motor
EF-126 Single Argus
EF-126 Double Argus

German Kugelpanzer
1/35th scale
Item Number: DW35015
Das Werk are also producing a variant of the previously released German Kugelpanzer. A strange little vehicle that found its way from Germany to Japan, only to be captured by Soviet troops in Manchuria. The kit is detailed but very suitable for beginners.

Product Details
Highly detailed static plastic model
Easy to assemble kit
Decal sheet with different markings
Please note: No interior & no Figures are included

Marking Options
The final version of the Decal sheet is not yet finished.
However, Das Werk is currently still planning the markings for this kit with German and options for Soviet looted vehicles.

Einheitsanhänger 5t
German Uniform 5t Trailer WW2
1/35th scale
Item Number: DW35006
Manufacturers did not pay attention to the Einheitsanhänger 5t (Standard Trailer) for a long time, although it was used so often in World War 2 and there are therefore countless design options. Das Werk Scale Models is now launching a plastic model on the market.

History of the Baumuster E 5
The Anhänger 5T or 5-tonne trailer, known by the official nomenclature of „Einheitsanhanger 5 t Baumuster E 5“ was the standard medium military trailer of the German military throughout the second world war. With a load capacity of 5 tonnes, and an empty weight of approximately 2.5 tonnes, the Anhänger 5t could be seen hauling material anywhere the German military was active.
Also utilized by the Luftwaffe and Kriegsmarine for transportation duties, the Anhanger 5t proved so rugged and useful that it continued to serve other masters well after the end of hostilities

Product Details
Highly detailed static plastic model
Finely detailed multi-disc wheels with sag
Side and rear panels buildable in 2 different options
(raised or lowered)
Specific decal sheet included
Drawbar and front axle fully movable
This kit was created in cooperation with Bolddivision.

PzKpfwg. VI Ausf.B Tiger II
Sd.Kfz.182 - s.Pz.Abt.505
1/35th scale
Item Number: DW35006
Das Werk has already worked successfully with Takom and released their three Panthers in a simpler and cheaper version without interiors. Why shouldn't they listen to your feedback and do it all over again? So comes the PzKpfwg. VI Ausf.B Tiger II in 35th scale.

Product Details
Highly detailed static plastic model
Moulded on Zimmerit
PE-Parts included
Differences to the Takom-Version:
Link & Length Tracks
No interior in this boxing
Decal & Marking Options
Number 201
Tiger Ausf.B, 2./s.H.Pz.Abt.505, No. 201)
Village of Mlodzianowo, Poland, 08.09.1944.
Number 101
Tiger Auf.B, 1./s.H.Pz.Abt505,
(No. 101-Kompaniechef Oblt. Freiherr von Reibnitz)
In the area of Königsberg,
Germany 10.01.1945

Kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2
Typ HK 101 "Kettenkrad"
1/35th scale
Item Number: DW35020
For a long time, there was no plastic model of the Kettenkrad (Kleines Kettenkraftrad Sd.Kfz.2). Now there will be a kit available again, this time in six different marking choices from Das Werk.

Product Details
Highly detailed plastic model
Including engine & drivetrain
Singletrack links
Driver figure included
6 different marking options (including US captured vehicles)

The Marking Options
2x Pz.Abt.300
Eastern Front, 1942
1st Mountain Division,
unknown location/date
Fallschirmjäger Brigade Ramcke (FschJgBrig.)
Tunis, 1943
2x Captured by US Troops,
unknown location/date

Faun L900 Hardtop
9ton Tank Transporter Truck
1/35th scale
Item Number: DW35001
The new Faun comes with a Hardtop and we also improved parts of the model. Das Werk has received and acted on feedback from their previous soft-top version of this kit and discarded their original plans to launch the Faun L900 individually again as a Softtop version. In these points, the new hardtop version differs from the truck of the combi kit:

Product Details
Hardtop Version
3 different suspension springs for the different load status (Unloaded, Neutral and Full loaded)
Freightbed side walls buildable up or downwards
Contains brass tubing with bending jig for freight bed arches

Hardtop Cabin
(The parts for the soft-top version are additionally still included.)
Improved towing hitch/hook
Improved exhaust system (muffler)
New multiple part plastic wheels with corrected dimensions

FMG 39 / FuSE 62 D „Würzburg“
Mobiles Funk-Messgerät / Flak-Messgerät / Funk-Sende-Empfangsgerät
1/35th scale
Item Number: DW35001
What should not be missing in an anti-aircraft position? Except for the anti-aircraft gun, the crew or ammunition? Of course, a radar station. In cooperation with Amusing Hobby, Das Werk created the FMG 39 / FuSE 62 D „Würzburg“.
Product Details
Highly detailed static plastic model
Accurate details of the D version
Parabolic mirror foldable as in real
Radar unit traversable and elevatable
Finest bolt details
Dipol DE 62 additional antennae included
These are just some of the latest releases from Das erk at the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2020 -  follow the links to their website to find out more about their releases.