Tuesday, March 10

Spiders & Golf? Two things that did not mix until this month in our preview from Hobbyboss...

Hobbyboss already has the sprues, colours, decals and boxart on display of their new pair of March 2020 model kits. Our preview of them is today's story on the news... 

Hobbyboss' March new releases...

Soviet SS-23 "Spider" Missile Car 
Model no #82926
1/72nd scale
Product Link on the Hobbyboss Website
The SS-23 "Spider" tactical ballistic missile ("Oka" missile) was created by the Soviet Union after the Cold War to replace the outdated "Scud" ballistic missile. The development began in 1977, the first flight test was conducted in 1978, the production was officially launched in 1979, and the Soviet army was equipped in 1980. After the NATO discovery, the missile was given the code name SS-23, nicknamed "Spider". The deployment of the SS-23 missile gave Warsaw a certain advantage over NATO on the European continent. 

- Decals and colours in this boxing of the kit
By the mid-1980s, the Soviet army could use SS-23 tactical ballistic missiles to attack NATO airports around the clock. The range of SS-23 was 500 kilometres and the speed reached Mach 9. NATO did nothing to combat these weapons. However, restricted by the "Guide to the Treaty", SS-23 was eventually destroyed in the late 1980s.

Sprues of the kit...
Total of 4 sprues, chassis and tires
Model Length: 164.2mm Width: 42.8mm 
-Newly tooled parts in accurate detail
Photo-etched details included in this kit

Chinese Navy 031 "Golf" Class Submarine
Model no: #83514
1: 350th scale
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The 031 submarine is a Chinese-made Soviet "Golf" class submarine. Built at the Dalian Shipyard, this is the only version of this type of ballistic missile submarine that has been licensed abroad. According to domestic sources, the boat entered service in September 1964.

The colours provided in this boxing of the kit
The Chinese-made submarine is different from the Soviet Union. This submarine was originally designed to carry three ballistic missiles. Because the diameter of China's first ballistic missile, Julang-1, is larger than that of Soviet missiles, it only has two missile launchers in the middle of the enclosure of the podium.
Total of 2 sprues and stand
Model Length: 280mm / Beam: 30.7mm   
The kit consists of over 50 parts
-Photo Etched parts included
-The kit contains a display stand

These two new kits are available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...