Wednesday, April 29

New colours, books, decals and shades in Ammo's releases of April...

Ammos latest products of April give us more guides on painting fantasy and science fiction models, new decals for trans in three scale and new paint sets to help you sort out your splinters? See what we are talking about in our new item preview...

AMMO's latest products for April

Encyclopedia of Figure Modeling Techniques Vol. II
112 full-colour pages
€ 29.50
Volume 2 of the Encyclopedia of Figures focuses on the most appropriate materials, procedures, and techniques for bringing a miniature to life and painting. Once we have learned the elements of visual languages, such as colour, lighting, shape and texture in the first volume, it is time to learn about the painting techniques that allow us to apply these elements to the figure at scale.
What is a binder? How to dissolve the paint to make a glaze? What do I have to do to get a very saturated colour? Each material has its own characteristics and properties, which are necessary to know in order to obtain the best results. 
For this reason, once again, the best painters on the international scene have carried out research in this volume to understand the mysteries of painting and make this hobby easier and more fun.
The book is structured according to the three most widely used procedures worldwide: acrylic, oil and mixed media that combines both, as well as the use of pigments and fillers. For its structure, the use of the two most important tools has also been taken into account: the brush and the airbrush, or the alternation of both in different sequences. 
And finally, and intimately linked to the procedures and tools, all the techniques that will allow the painter to have a wide range of resources are explained: creating gradients, glazes, washes, cool casts, sketching and a long etcetera.

Splinter Camouflage Set
Set of acrylic colours for figures. 6 bottles of 17mL
€ 13.80
This pack includes 6 colours necessary to paint this characteristic and complex German camouflage during the Second World War. Designed in the thirties, it spread among a large number of units, using it in different garments of their uniforms until the end of the war. The colours are selected after rigorous uniform research in order to decorate the miniatures, highlight the volume and define the details.

AMMO.F-532 Red Brown
AMMO.F-535 Italian Green Camo
AMMO.F-533 Dark Brown
AMMO.F-536 Splinter Gray
AMMO.F-534 Olive Green
AMMO.F-537 Sunny Skintone

WWII Imperial Japanese Navy Set
Acrylic aircraft colour set. 6 bottles of 17mL
€ 13.80
High quality acrylic paints designed to decorate the vast majority of the apparatus of the Japanese Imperial Navy during the Second World War. The wide variety of tones used in Japanese aircraft makes this set an essential material for lovers of this theme. Among them are the iconic Zero, or the D3A Val among others.

AMIG-0046 Matt Black AMIG-0263 IJN Medium Gray 
AMIG-0085 NATO Brown
AMIG-0262 IJN Ash Gray

High quality print and definition decals, designed with the maximum historical rigour. For placement, it uses the special Ultra Decal Set & Ultra Decal Fix products (A.MIG-2029 and A.MIG-2030).

T-54B Decals 
1/72 scale
€ 12.95
This decal set allows 9 different 1/72 scale T-54B decorations to be made, including the Soviet Union, Poland, Czechoslovakia, Vietnam and Afghanistan. Specially designed for the AMMO A.MIG-8502 1/72 scale T-54B Mid Production model kit.

Panzer I Ausf. A. Decals Decal
1/16 scale
€ 11.95
This set of decals allows you to make 10 different decorations of the Pz. I Ausf. A: 4 German, one Chinese and 5 from the Spanish Civil War. Ammo recommends the Pz model. Kpfw.I Ausf. A 1/16 scale from TAKOM (TAKO-1008).

Panzer Divisions WWII Decals
1/35 scale
€ 11.95
This decal set includes all the symbols and tactical markings used by the German panzer divisions during WWII. With this set, you will be able to place the correct symbols and tactical markings on your models of any German armoured vehicle of the panzer divisions in 1/35 scale.

Solution Book - How to Paint Imperial Galactic Fighters
72 pages in full colour. 
In English, Spanish or French 
Price: € 9.95
Ammo's Solution Book How to Paint Imperial Fighters, available in four languages ​​(English, Spanish, French & German), is already available individually from this moment.
This book is a softcover in A4 portrait format, coming in at 72 pages in full colour. the book is translated to either English, Spanish or French and it costs only € 9.95
SOLUTION BOOK is a basic and simple guide with the intention of helping any modeller to achieve results similar to those shown in each example. It doesn't matter if you are a beginner or more experienced modeller.
Although we have chosen the Tie Advanced X1 as the base to show all the steps to follow, you must bear in mind that the same processes can be applied in the same way and in the same order in any other model of an imperial fighter, Tie Fighter: Tie Interceptor, Tie Bomber, Tie Striker, Tie Defender, etc., and even Lambda-class shuttles. Now just choose your favourite model and start painting without further ado!
 All of these new products are now available on the AMMO Website...