Wednesday, April 22

Preview: Ryefield Model's new 35th KV-1 "Simplified Turret" 1942 version in CAD form

Ryefield Models surges on in these uncertain times with another new kit - the 35th scale Rusian Heavy tank the KV-1 with the simplified turret version coming our way surely the start of many more KV-1's and others int he KV family? We have some CAD images in our preview...

Ryefield Model's new 35th KV-1 "Simplified Turret" in CAD form

 KV-1 "Simplified Turret" Russian Heavy Tank
From Ryefield Model
Product No #RM-5041
1/35th scale
The KV-1 model 1942 received a simplified turret for ease of production. Combat results with German Panzers, during the initial phases of the invasion, dictated the need for dramatic increases in production of the KV-1 tank. In 1942 a new improved version of the KV-1 was deployed carrying the designation KV-1M Model 1942 Simplified Turret. This tank's turret was manufactured using new simplified techniques that allowed for greater production capabilities. The hull armour was strengthened to a minimum of 90mm. The turret's armour was increased to 120mm allowing it to withstand most German tank rounds.

A knocked out KV-1 Simplified turret 1942 being used as a shelter by German troops
This KV-1 with a Simplified Turret can be identified by the squared-off shape under the turret overhang. The original welded armoured turrets on the KV-1 series bent around the bottom of the turret overhang from a point mid-way on the lower turret.

This new kit from Ryefield Models:
Slated for a June release, not much is yet known about the kit apart from the details we see and the fact that the kit has workable tracks
OF course, the kit has photo-etch supplied for the parts of the kit, the extra armour and the slab-sided turret that typifies this variant are readily identifiable here in the CAD drawings.
This kit is slated to be released in June 2020 (not long to go now) so keep your eyes out at your LHS or online hobby shop to see more about this kit - or even look at RyeField Model's Facebook page for more on their kits...