Thursday, April 23

Two new impressive early 20th century Q-Model subjects from Suyata on the way...

The new model company called Suyata has hit the market with two new kits from at least a century ago that modellers will LOVE. Two Icons of the turn of the century in the egg-shaped form of the Fokker Triplane and the majestic Titanic are being shaped into a cute but highly detailed form in the latest entries into this market. See a little more about them in our preview... 

Two new impressive early 20th-century Q-Model subjects from Suyata on the way...

There is a brand new company from China called "空-SUYATA" and they have released two impressive new concepts and test kits of two iconic turn of the century machines from the air and the sea for egg / deformed "Q" model fans. Although we do not know too much about these or where they will go to sale we have some information and some test shot photos of the kits for our preview...

Fokker DR.1 Triplane & Red Baron
Full interior kit
Kit No # SK001
Q version of Baron + Baron Manfred Albrecht Von Richthoffin
comes  with a transparent fuselage
Designed by "Huhs", this kit from Suyaya seems to be the next step in this deformed kit market. These "Q" models have coloured sprues are a click fit and have a simple - no glue needed construction.
The kit comes with a figure of the great Red Baron  - Baron Von Richthofen
The interior of the kit can be seen once completed if you like - this will see many building the one side painted and the other clear we can bet you!
 A version of the kit (in red on the table) at a recent model show near other products from this new company.
The sprue layout of the kit on this sheet - notice the choice of clear or red sprues for the fuselage...

RMS Titanic
"Seal & Iceberg scene"
(incl.) Base & Icebergs
Kit No # LS-001
The second kit from this company is the equally impressive RMS Titanic in the deformed scale...
The kit comes complete with icebergs (and a seal!) can you believe it?
 A promo sheet showing the breakdown of the kit's parts (and several seals!)
 The breakdown of this kit is a similar style but completely different to the Titanic in deformed scale recently released by Meng
Test shot kit - (in cream plastic this time as it is a test) showing the parts in plastic and the  completed kit on the base
 The ships in coloured plastic built up a recent model show
These two kits are both in test form, which means that they would be almost ready for release or being moulded right now - we will give you more about them when these kits come to light...