Wednesday, September 9

Preview: Luftwaffe Gallery # 6: Luck, Fate And Destiny by Erik Mombeeck & Maciej Góralczyk

Erik Mombeeck's Luftwaffe Gallery (LuGA) books are always something to behold for modellers & Luftwaffe historians with never before published pictures & artwork with stories telling us all about the men & machines portrayed. We have the information about the latest issue - no#6 - called Luck, Fate And Destiny in our preview...

Preview: Luftwaffe Gallery # 6: Luck, Fate And Destiny 
By Erik Mombeeck & Maciej Góralczyk
Softcover, in A4 Landscape Format
56 pages
117 photos (many of them published for the first time)
23 colour profiles by Janusz Światłoń
Available from October 15th 2020,
Luftwaffe Gallery is one of the best books to grace our model benches and comfortable reading chairs, and already we are seeing number six in the series with a release date of 15 October (2020)
This issue celebrates the 10th publication in the Luftwaffe Gallery (LuGa) series which, as chance would have it, also corresponds with the 10th anniversary since its introduction. The publishers have taken this opportunity to renew the layout of the series.
The publishers have again looked to provide the reader with an informative reading experience: testimonials, analyses, photos and profiles that you will not have read or seen anywhere else. This issue has as its common thread "luck and misfortune": be it in the first victory or the first loss, or even the first air-sea rescue of enemy aircrew and also the part played by superstition. 
Records of victory and the Luftwaffe claims procedure are also examined and commented on by experienced pilots from JG 1, JG 2 and JG 26. One of them, Hans Berger, a former Staffelkapitän in JG 1, is a professional translator and has been translating the chronicles of JG 1, JG 2, JG 4 and JG 5 into German for about 30 years. It is thus he, at more than 95 years of age, who made possible the recent publication of volume 6 of JG 2 devoted to the terrible year 1944.
Available from October 15th 2020, This book is now available for pre-order from the Luftwaffe.Be website. Contact Erik via his email address on the website if you would like to purchase this book.