Monday, October 12

Preview: A brand new manufacturer with brand a new kit - Minibase launches their Su-33 "Flanker D" in 48th scale

One of the most beautiful aircraft from a new model manufacturer in one of the most popular scales - we're interested! Minibase has launched their intentions with the CAD drawings of their Su-33 Naval fighter in 48th scale, and we surely are taking the bait!. See a little about the kit in our preview...
Preview: A new manufacturer with a new kit - Minibase launches their Su-33 in 48th scale

We had only saw the latest specs on this release from Minibase just recently - so some of you out there may know more about it. Minibase is a new company from China who are starting their injection moulding companies fortunes by making of of the most impressive aircraft in service today - the Sukhoi Su-33 "Flanker D" in 1/48th scale.

Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D
From Minibase
1/48th scale
Plastic injection moulded kit including clear parts
We have a comment from the company on their intentions moving forward:
"Minibase is a newly established scale model manufacturer in China, we supply injection-moulded scale model sets and other related products. We have fully utilized the most advanced technology and manufacturing lines, designed the moulding with accurate details with the attitude of "No compromises", which makes our products comes with top-notch quality and enable us to strive for the best quality of scale models."

"Red 80" is the one aircraft on the box art represented in the kit.
"Our first product is Russian naval carrier fighter the Sukhoi Su-33, this product accurately replicates the sophisticated structure and out look in 1/48 scale. Based on the experience gained, we will keep on designing the product for other Sukhoi series aircraft. We hope our new design can refresh the building experience for all modellers, and draw their (?) on our future release."

We have the CAD drawings of this kit, most impressive but too many to comment on each one, here they are in a bit of a dump (click on each one to enlarge the picture).
Pictures of plastic trees...
Not only do we have CAD drawings, but also pictures of the test shot made available to the public today. Some vERY impressive parts here, lots of detailed panels, weighted wheels, slide moulds, impressive and detailed weaponry and a few transparencies. Again, click on any of these to enlarge them, we will save any comments for when we see the kit ourselves, but it looks very nice so far...
Kit Features:
The accurate shape of the complex Su-33 Flanker D
AS AL-31F Engine Nozzles in the open position
Vertical Stabilizer, Stiffener plates and deployable airbrakes
Complete cockpit, landing gear and bay
Complex wing-fold mechanism
Leading-edge slat & double slit trailing edge optional positions
Posable flying surfaces
Finely detailed pylons & Weaponry loadout
3 Marking options included in the box
Test kit construction:
I thought I would include a few images from the test construction of this kit showing the complex wing mechanisms captured in this kit and the features of the control surfaces. Vertical Stabilizer, Stiffener plates and deployable airbrakes, the wing-fold mechanism, leading-edge slat & double slit trailing edge optional positions are all posable and very intricate.
Colour choices:
There are three (3) marking choices included in this kit - so far we can only see the box art - 279th Shipborne Fighter Aviation Reg. 2 Sqn. Tigers Red 80 | Severomorsk NAB.

The Minibase website is not yet up, but we will fill you in with more from this site as soon as we know more