Monday, October 12

Preview: New MiniArt Egyptian T-34/85 With Crew Coming Soon

The Egyptian T-34/85 is the subject of the latest of Miniart's new tooled T-34 line this week. This kit comes with five variants of the tank in Egyptian service (along with the unique elements to their tank) as well as a handy crew of four to steer her around your modelling bench. We look at the kit's details in our preview...
Preview: New MiniArt Egyptian T-34/85 With Crew Coming Soon:

Egyptian T-34/85 With Crew
From MiniArt
1/35th scale
Kit includes 4 crewmen
Kit No #37098
MiniArt has released a variant of their T-34/85 in 35th scale already with kit no# 37071, but that tank had a full interior to be built, painted and included, this variant has no interior, but it adds to the value of the kit with the unique additions of four crewmen to the mix as well as the other parts that make this as the Egyptian variant of the tank.

The earlier kit of the same model but with the full interior - from MiniArt #37071
The Subject: 
The Egyptian Government took delivery of the T-34/85 after an agreement with the Soviet Union after falling foul with powers int he west after the Suez Crisis (and because they were provided very cheaply by the Russians). Czechoslovak-produced T-34-85s were used by Egypt in the Arab-Israeli Wars of 1956 and 1967 in the Sinai Peninsula. 

Egyptian Army T-34-85 and T-34T during a parade in 1957
Most famously this variant was used by the Egyptian Army when it was used in the Sinai Desert during the 1967 Six-Day War. In 1956, they were used as regular tanks to support Egyptian infantry, the tank was still in use by the 1973 October war.

A burnt-out T-34/85 in the Sinaia in 1967 with tourists from Israel taking photos.
The Syrian Army also received T-34-85s from the Soviet Union and they took part in the many artillery duels with Israeli tanks in November 1964 and in the Six-Day War of 1967. Egypt went on to build the T-34-100, a local and unique conversion that was made up of a Soviet BS-3 100 mm heavy field-artillery gun mounted within a heavily modified turret, as well as the T-34-122 mounting the D-30 gun. 

Another burnt out T-34/85 being examined by the Israelis in the Sinai
There are so many more photographs of Egyptian T-34/85's after being captured by the enemy - we luckily have some left. This that are not being used as coral reefs or being used in other, lesser-known fronts are in some museums in Egypt.

Modern-day, the T-34/85 in an Egyptian museum - note the camouflage pattern

This new kit from MiniArt:
This kit from MiniArt features a straight T-34/85 kit without interior, but with the inclusion of Egypt- specific details and four crew for the tank.

This kit features:
All hatches can be posed open & closed
Individual tracks included
Clear plastic parts included
4 figures are included
Photo-etched Parts Included & Decal Sheet are included
Marking for 5 variants are included - all from Egyptian service
For more on this kit and all of MiniArt's releases check out their Website for more info...