Friday, October 2

Preview - Dioramag #7 hits the streets with plenty of inspiration & wonderful modelling...

The latest issue of Dioramag is already with us, and the preview images we had seen looked so promising we thought we should share them with you. See a little of what is coming in the sixth issue of this already well-respected periodical in our preview...

Issue #7 of Dioramag available to order from Pla Editions

Dioramag Vol.7– On thin Ice
96 Pages 
Soft Bound A4 Portrait Format
All text in English
ISBN: 978-84-122304-2-0
Price: 15 €
Dioramag: an entire magazine focused on dioramas and scenes. You will find the best articles of the best modellers and writers in the world. Step by step articles, painting techniques, building techniques, showcases, news, reviews and much more. 

We have a round-up of the contents of issue #7 and some of the images of the models and the pages from this issue...

3 “ANOTHER BRICK IN THE WALL” by Heiner Sander
6 NEWS - Always with the best in upcoming diorama tools, supplies and materials to show you, maybe you can use them in your own masterpiece?
8 Showcase Dioramag: Nicolas Maure's many works in large format pictures
14 “NUTSHELL DIORAMAS” by Matteo Battellino - known for his miniature scenes of masterful work, we see some more from this talented guy here.
18 “NATURE REBORN” by Matteo Battellino
20 “THE PRIEST IS COMING” by Jiasheng Wu - showing an M7 SPG or the "Preist" as it was called by the British.
32 “CAT HUNTING” by Johan Augustsson
38 “ON THIN ICE. PART 2” by Sven Frisch who completes his amazing scene of a Panther that did not quite make the bridge limits with his fat ol' Panther tank
50 Showcase Dioramag: Lechu Villanueva
56 “BLUE SEAGULL” by Davide Lazzarotto who exposes the workings behind his amazing scene of the Martin Mariner at dock ina n engrossing diorama
66 JAPANESE MASTERS by Hideo Yamamoto
74 "MAKING A BIRCH TREE" by Lechu Villanueva
84 “WE NEVER LEFT” by Brandon Lum - A downed Mi-24 Hind is the main setting for this children's playground in a place that everyone was supposed to have left many years ago - can you work out where it is?
94 “NOSTALGICA” by Steve Palffy

This issue is already available to order from the Pla Editions website at this link...