Wednesday, July 8

Preview:Takom's 72nd scale Battleship Yamato no. 2 main turret is gunning for an August release...

We could not believe it when we first heard of Takom's upcoming product of 1/72 battleship Yamato no. 2. We know that it is indeed coming in august, and we have more details on the forthcoming monster in our preview...
Takom turning heads with a new No 2 turret...

Japanese Battleship Yamato Type 94 46cm Gun Main turret No. 2
1/72nd scale 
Kit no #5010
50cm long from guns to the rear of the deck
Nameplate included
The kit consists of injection moulded plastic for No.2 turret and platform

We thought someone was hosting us, but then again, if you have looked at Takoms only short history, they have continuously brought us some weird and wonderful stuff that no one else was thinking about. Recently the AK 130 turret blew us all out of the water (😆) so we could fathom this new release once we made a few calls...

But why the Yamoto turret? let's look at the real thing...

The Battleship Yamato
Yamato was truly enormous as ships go, especially for the time, measuring 263m (863ft) stem to stern. She displaced 70,000 tons and was 40 per cent bigger than the battleships of the Iowa class, the US Navy’s largest. Its superstructure, dominated by the mast and raked funnel, was like a fortress bedecked with guns. Enough steel went into the hull to lay a railway track between Tokyo and Osaka. Yamato bore a full load of munitions for all of its weapons on 7 April 1945.
A helpful cutout of the ship

The main armament of Yamato consisted of nine Type 94 46cm (18.1in) naval cannons mounted in three turrets. These guns, each weighing 162 tons, were the largest ever emplaced on a ship and were capable of hurling a 1,400kg (3,200lb) shell to a maximum range of 40km (135,000ft). The ship carried 1,080 of these. Each triple turret weighed a hefty 2,774 tons. These guns were officially designated by the Japanese as 40 cm/45 Type 94 (15.7 inch) in an effort to hide their actual size, which was a closely-guarded secret until after the end of World War II.

Yamato is known to have fired at enemy ships on only one occasion. This was at the Battle off Samar in October 1944 against the U.S. Taffy 1 and Taffy 3 escort carrier groups, with rounds possibly hitting USS Gambier Bay (CVE-73). Musashi is known to have fired her guns in anger only once when she fired "sankaidan" (incendiary shrapnel) anti-aircraft shells during the Battle of the Sibuyan Sea in October 1944. One of these reportedly exploded in the barrel, disabling the gun.
A Type 94 Naval Gun being calibrated on Yamato during construction

The muzzle blast of these main guns is said to have been able to rip the clothes off personnel who were standing too close when the guns were fired, but this story is probably apocryphal. Blast pressure measured during trials at Kamegakubi test range was 7.0 kg/cm2 (100 psi) at a point 15 m (50 feet) in front of the muzzle. This was twice as high as that for the 41 cm guns used on the Nagato class.

Turret Specifications
Designation Three-gun Turrets: Yamato (3)
Weight 2,730.2 tons (2,774 mt)
Elevation -5 / +45 degrees 1b
Elevation Rate 8 degrees per second 2b 3b
Train about +150 / -150 degrees
Train Rate 2 degrees per second
Gun recoil 56.3 in (1.43 m)
Loading Angle +3 degrees

A sketch of 46 cm/45 Triple Mounting from "US Naval Technical Mission to Japan report O-45 (N): : Japanese 18" Gun Mounts."
Gun Characteristics
Official Designation: 45 calibre Type 94 40 cm Gun
(40 cm/45 Model 1934)
Actual Size: 46 cm/45 (18.1")
Date Of Design 1939
Date In Service 1941-46
Gun Weight 363,000 lbs. (164,654 kg) with breech
Gun Length of 831.9 in (21.130 m)
Bore Length 815 in (20.700 m)
Rifling Length about 806 in (20.480 m)
Grooves (72) 0.181 in deep x about 0.478 in (4.6 mm x 12.14 mm)
Lands about 0.312 in (7.93 mm)
Twist Uniform RH 1 in 28
Chamber Volume about 41,496 in3 (680 dm3)
Rate Of Fire 1 1.5 - 2 rounds per minute

This new kit from Takom:
OK so we know a little more about the turret and the ship that bore it, what do we know about the kit?

Some things we do know:
1/ The kit comes in 1/72nd scale, which is still massive - the turret and kit is 50cm long from guns to the rear of the deck
2/ The nameplate included - we are not sure if the sister ship the Musashi is included or if that could be another release
3/ However there is only one marking choice included in the box
4/ The kit consists of injection moulded plastic for No.2 turret and platform
5/ The kit comes out in August

And that is it - we know that there are a fair few kits to be released from takom before this one hits the market - so it is a fair way off yet. We will let you know more as it comes to light.

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