Thursday, October 8

Preview: A new book from a new publisher full of model aviation aviation classics - "Hangar No.1" from Joycraft Productions

A combination of the talents of a select group of modellers, the new title from Joycraft Productions is called "Hangar No.1" and it features some of the nices step-bypstep aircraft builds currently around. See a little about the book and how to get 25% off the title in our preview...

A new book from a new publisher full of model aviation aviation classics

Hangar No.1
Joycraft Productions
136 pages
Hard Cover 
Letter Landscape Format
Pre-order now - special price is $30USD (regular price is $40 USD) 
A brand new book from a brand new publisher, "Hangar No 1" from Joycraft Products promises the finest in military aircraft builds from around the world. They are presented to the modeller in a Step-by-step fashion with large-format photographs that really do show these aircraft kits and the modeller's who made them off ina very interesting light...
Step by step pictorials show you every aspect of the builds
There are six builds in this book - all to a great standard with top-class photography to show off their every attribute...

Project I: Revell 1/32nd scale Panavia Tornado ECR from Jarek Rydzyński
The book is created with care and dedicated first and foremost to lovers of great modelling. It is printed on top quality paper on all of its 136 colour pages.

Project No 2:  1/32 Polish AF F-16D Block 52 by René Joyal
Its hardcover binding gives it a top-of-the-range feel, it is distinguished by its rigid cover that is larger than the body of the book.

Project No 3: 1/48th scale Su-24D Fencer by René Joyal
The text for the builds are articulated around images which combine to tell the models story… Both images & text are mutually as valuable to the modeller.
Project No 4: 1/48th scale F/A-18+ Hornet by Jarek Rydzyński
In a rectangular 11 inches x 8,5 inches letter landscape format, the book's photos are entirely in colour, there are in fact hundreds of photos that are fully supportive of the frames of aircraft in landscape.

Project No 5: 1/32nd scale F-4F Phantom by Jarek Rydzyński
The book is the culmination of two years of efforts and the pouring of all our heart and passion into our work. Joycraft is proud to introduce this book to the modelling public, If it inspires you and makes you want to sit down to your own workshop, then their goal is fulfilled!

Project No 6: 1/32nd scale Cf-104 Starfighter by René Joyal
This book is now on pre-order, you can purchase it at a special 25% off discount for a short time until October 31st (Regular price $40USD down to $30USD).

If you like what you see, you can find more and take advantage of this pre-order on the Joycraft Productions Website.