Monday, April 12

Reason to celebrate: MiniArt’s 20th anniversary catalogue & new items of 2021

Miniart has let the dam burst and given us all access to their (20th anniversary!) 2021 catalogue. Most of their latest items have already been shown in some form, but there are still new kits to come and a new series of aircraft in 48th scale. See what you knew and what's new in our preview...

MiniArt’s 20th anniversary Catalogue  & new items of 2021

What better a way to celebrate 20 years of model making?

Now MiniArt has released their latest list of new kits for the new year as well as showing you some of what’s already on sale. We have a fairly large version so you can see the releases and the “New” items that are marked in it. An interesting bunch in here for all model genres and one we have a hint of a new series of aircraft in 48th scale to come…
MiniArt's positive foray into 35th scale World War I vehicles has been a success with modellers, let's hope for more from them in the future.
From being an obscure model making companyt hat made Vac-form kts to a leader in the military model world Miniart's 35th scale WWII tanks, guns, vehicles and figures are their main focus. Lots of very handy and fine kits in this selection.
What the? What If is also a popular part of modelling that allows modellers to go off and make something unique. Let's hope we see more of this in the future.
Everything in post WWII tanks is included in their 35th scale military miniatures series, including soldiers who ride in and on top of them and accessories for your tanks like tracks, engines and gearboxes.
Civilian miniatures are very much in the zeitgeist now, and the new utility vehicles, tractors and trams are good sellers from miniart that keep on getting adapted into new items.
MiniArt are always adding to their range of diorama accessories.  These are incredibly popular with modellers who want to mix and match and they are relatively easy to make and very cost efficient.
The historical dioramas range in Vac-form has slimmed down a bit, but a new release in January gives fans some hope Miniart will deliver new products in this range.
The early helicopters of last year are still an interesting subject for many modellers.
48th scale aircraft! Yes please if they are anything like their tanks :-)
Historical figures in 16th scale are being added too up until this year.
72nd scale buildings and historical series in other scale with castles and soldiers are still int he Miniart catalogue
A quick look at the stock they still have in production 
Check out the Miniart site for more info on all of their kits...