Monday, November 30

An Alfa roadster, top of the range, a desert Crusader, flying bananas & a Stork in Italeri's December preview...

Italeri has five kits in different scales, genres & difficulties on sale in November with some serious modelling to be had just before Christmas. We have art, decals, colour choices and sprue pictures in our preview...

Italeri's December items on sale now...

Alfa Romeo 8C 2300 Roadster
Kit No #4708 
1/12th scale
Model Dim.: 32,0 cm
Box Dim.: 560 x 280 x 115 mm
Colours Instructions Sheet - Steering wheels - Realistic suspension - Highly detailed engine - Rubber tires - 320 plastic parts - 30 Chromed parts - Photoetched parts - Opening cowling - Screws, tubes, rope and nylon net
The Alfa Romeo 8C can be considered as one of the most famous sports cars of the 1930s. The car's name derives from the engine adopted: an 8-cylinder in-line supercharged engine with a displacement of 2,336 cc. The Alfa Romeo could be considered the “state of art” for technology, innovative solutions and performances. 

The colours included in this boxing
The decal sheet
Characterized by an impressive reliability and driveability the “8C” achieved significant victories in international car racing competitions. It linked its name to the famous Italian driver Tazio Nuvolari that won, among the others, the Targa Florio race in Sicily and the prestigious Italian Grand Prix at Monza. This last victory gave the “Monza” name to the twin seater GP car. From the racing version, a production batch of almost 200 vehicles was produced for the private markets and to be used on the normal road.

The sprues of the kit
Chrome plated parts are included
5 vinyl tyres are included
Mesh. wire and screws to complete this kit are included
To celebrate the 110th anniversary of the famous Italian manufacturer we are releasing the two-seater Sport version of the 1930’s. The car was distributed at that time via the Alfa Romeo sales network to those customers wealthy enough to purchase the most successful sports car of the period.

Photos of the completed model from the Italeri website

H-21C Flying Banana Gunship
Kit No #2774
1/48th Scale 
Model Dim.: 33,3 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 60 mm
New Parts - Super Decals Sheet For 5 Versions - Photo Etched Parts - Color  Instructions Sheet

The H-21 Shawnee helicopter is best known for its nickname "the flying banana", which derives from the peculiar upward angle of the aft fuselage. The fuselage, uniquely designed in this novel way, was developed to accommodate the two powerful tandem rotors and the oversized propellers. 

The 5 colour choices included in this boxing
As a result of the two rotors and the strong aerodynamic structure, the H-21 became an effective and reliable “workhorse”, able to successfully perform the most demanding transport tasks in a multitude of environments. 

The decal sheet
Widely used by the U.S. Army since the early ‘50s, it was also deployed during the Vietnam war to transport troops and tactical supplies from 1961 onwards. 

The sprues of this kit
Photo-etch is included for some of the smaller parts of this kit
The helicopter proved to be robust and reliable, even during ground support missions where the ‘Gunship’ version was armed with cannons under the nose or through the side doors. It was also used by French troops in Algeria, with an MG 151 cannon fitted on the right door and a .30 calibre weapon on the left.

Crusader Mk. II with 8th Army Infantry
Kit No #6579
1/35th scale
Model Dim.: 17,1 cm
Box Dim.: 345 x 242 x 60 mm
Contains 5 Figures - New Gluable Rubber Tracks - Decals Sheet For 3 Versions - Color  Instructions Sheet

Designed at the beginning of the Second World War, the Crusader was one of the most important British "Cruiser" tanks reaching a production of over 5,000 units. Equipped with Christie suspension with large diameter rolling wheels, the Crusader possessed remarkable driving skills on rough terrain. 

The colours included in this boxing
The first versions of Mk. I and Mk. II were armed with a 2 pdr. cannon, later replaced by the more powerful 6 pdr. cannon in the Mk.III version. Lacking adequate Armor against enemy fire, it was also very vulnerable to enemy mines and anti-tank guns, and its armament was often inadequate in front of similar German vehicles. However, when used in a coordinated way, they managed to achieve good results. 

The decal sheet
The Crusaders Mk. II, with the arrival of the more powerful Mk.III, were already relegated to second-line duties at the time of the battle of El Alamein.

The sprues of this kit
The one-part tracks included
The five figures included in this set

RANGE ROVER Classic 50th Anniversary
Kit No #3629
1/24th scale
Model Dim.: 18,5 cm
Box Dim.: 373 x 241 x 60 mm
Limited edition with sequentially numbered hologram
The Range Rover Classic can be seen as a milestone in the history of off-road vehicles. It was produced in numerous variants and versions from 1970 to 1996. It was the first vehicle to be manufactured under the "Range Rover" brand and was available in a two- or four-door version from 1981. Thanks to its 4x4 traction and its sturdy structure, easy to build but very reliable, the Range Rover was able to achieve very good off-road performances. 

The colours included in this boxing - although any colour would suit this kit
The vehicle soon enjoyed great commercial success around the world. The Range Rover has also been widely used by bodybuilders to create numerous specialized versions that can meet all kinds of needs. 

The decal sheet with number plates from several countires
Continuously improved throughout its career in terms of engines, mechanical properties, interiors and details, it has always retained its role as an "Off-Road" and "Made in England" symbol. To celebrate the 50th anniversary of its launch, we have created a special limited edition with a numbered hologram.

The sprues of this kit
The 4 vinyl tyres included in this boxing

FIAT BR.20 Cicogna
Kit No #1447
1/72nd scale
Model Dim.: 17,3 cm
Box Dim.: 242 x 28 x 345 mm
The BR 20 "Cicogna" low wing medium bomber was developed by the Italian aircraft manufacturer Fiat during the 1930’s. It entered service in 1936 and was characterized by its metal frame and retractable landing gear. Modern and fast for the period, it was deployed by the “Aviazione Legionaria” and had its baptism of fire in 1937 during the Spanish Civil War.

The colours included in this boxing
In September 1940, the “Corpo Aereo Italiano”, consisting of the 13th and 43rd “Stormo da Bombardamento” were similarly equipped with the BR-20. The “Stormi” were stationed in Belgium and supported the Luftwaffe during the Battle of Britain. 

The decal sheet
Despite operational comparisons with modern R.A.F. fighters that exposed the BR-20’s limits, it was used for the duration of WW2 on various fronts by several Regia Aeronautica bomber squadrons.

The sprues of this kit
These new kits are now for sale from Italeri directly from their website or from their distributors worldwide