Monday, November 30

Preview: MiniArt's 1/35th scale German Tankmen With Gantry Crane & Maybach Hl 120 Engine

MiniArt continue to get the most from their plastic in imaginary ways by combining and adding too their already established sets to come up with something new and inspirational for the modeller. Today we have a preview of the plastic, the markings, boxart and some information on their new kit collaboration in their set "German Tankmen With Gantry Crane & Maybach Hl 120 Engine"...
New MiniArt Kit Coming Soon:

German Tankmen With Gantry Crane & Maybach Hl 120 Engine
From Miniart Models
Kit No #35350
1/35th scale
Decals included in the box.
MiniArt's latest set provides us with a mix of some of their earlier works with some different parts to create yet another scene straight out of the box. We think whoever makes their kits into the sets they are must be a modeller at heart, as they really do the thinking for us, the box art alone is providing us with thoughts of how to combine these parts into a modelling scenario!

By putting together MiniArt's gantry crane, the engine of either a Panzer III/IV family to hang from the gantry, two soldiers to provide the man-handling of controlling the crane and some extra sceneic elements like two 44 gallon drums, the chain for the hoist and decals to improve the realistic look of your set, you have all you need to make a small scene in the one package.

Box Contains Models Of:
Maybach HL 120 Engine For Panzer III/IV Family
Gantry Crane, 
Two figures of workmen are included