Monday, January 11

Preview: Three new kits from Hobbyboss in the new year...

Three new kits from Hobbyboss this new year of 2021 - a very fast, very light fighting soft top from the "Brits" A light tank from Soviet times and a paper panzer from the blueprints of the Third Reich are the candidates for this month. We have box art, sprues, marking, decals and everything else inside the boxes of these kits in our new item preview.

Hobbyboss' new releases for January 2021...

British Jackal 1 High Mobility Weapon Platform
Model no: #84520
1/35th scale
The British Army has added a new type of vehicle to the armoured force sequence, called the Tactical Support Vehicle (TSV). In October 2008, a procurement contract for 400 TSV series was signed, valued at US$700 million, including an armour upgrade package. The new TSV series will be used to perform accompanying patrols, as well as transport supplies of ordnance and water.

The colour choices and decals supplied with this kit
The vehicle family has three models, including the "Borzoi" -a support vehicle with heavy armour to support the new "Mastiff" heavy-duty mine-protection vehicle operations, "Husky" -a medium-sized armoured truck, and "Wolf" light armoured support vehicle.

The sprues of the kit
Photo etched parts included
Rubber tires and clear parts are included
Model Length: 171.5mm Width: 68.5mm 
Total number of parts 800+
Total number 14 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and tires
Multi-slide moulded upper hull and lower hull

Soviet T-60 light tank
Model no: #84555
1/35th scale
The T-60 reconnaissance tank is a light tank produced by the former Soviet Union from 1941 to 1942. Approximately more than 6,292 vehicles were produced. The vehicle is designed to replace the T-38 amphibious reconnaissance tank.

The colour choices and decals supplied with this kit
Although the T-60 was originally equipped with the same 12.7mm machine gun as the T-40, it was later upgraded to a 20mm TNSh cannon, which is a vehicle-mounted model of ShVAK.

Model Length: 121.1mm Width: 66.3mm 
Total number 10 sprues and lower hull
The kit consists of over 300 parts
Photo-etched parts included
Two-directional slide moulded lower hull
182 individual tracks links

German III/IV hybrid chassis tank
Model: #80150
1/35th scale
 In March 1944, Waploff awarded a production contract for the development of three new modifications of the Pz.Kpfw IV. Beginning in June 1944, it was carried out in Krupp Grusonwijk, and the production of Pz.Kpfw.III/IV series products began in February 1945. 

The colour choices and decals supplied with this kit
By July 12, 1944, Krupp was told that the Pz.Kpfw.III/IV plan was abandoned, and only the destroyer tank L/70 plan was continued.

Model Length: 191.5mm Width: 84.5mm  
Total number of parts     380+
Total number of 12 sprues, upper hull, lower hull and turret
The kit consists of over 380 parts
Multi-slide moulded lower hull, upper hull, turret
Individual track links
Photo-etch and clear parts included
These new kits are (or should soon be) available from Hobbyboss' Distributors Worldwide...