Friday, February 5

Preview: Amusing Hobby's catalogue & new items for 2021

Amusing Hobby has already shown us some of their newest kits to for this coming year. But today we got that confirmation and a little more information on some of their new aircraft and armoured vehicles slated for release in 2021 with their new catalogue. See what's new in our preview...

Preview: Amusing Hobby's Catalogue & new items for 2021
Well, finally we are seeing some traction with model companies taking the leap and releasing catalogues of their forthcoming year's new releases. Amusing Hobby is one great modelling company we are always happy to see active in the market, with new kits and ideas of only esoteric previously released kits you suddenly must have in plastic.

We have a collection of their latest kits (marked in RED) in this catalogue along with their already released kits you know in their current stable.

First, a showcase leads off by their new T-72M1 in 35th scale (interior kit) we previewed late last year...
Coming also is the Israeli army SHO'T KAL "Gimmel" tank and the Pz.IV Ausf.K  in 35th scale
For 48th scale aircraft lovers there is the new WWII German VTOL Weserflug P.1003/1 and the  Me 262 HGIII concept fighters.
Short-run prototypes and what-if rocketry are a cornerstone of Amusing Hobby's range and appeal to many.
The ARL 44 was a great kit from last year, as was the Tiger P & Waffentrager Auf E-100
The Ferdinand & Elephant with Strabokran are very successful kits - we built one here last year on TMN
Paper Panzers and British Cold War tanks are also a forte of the brand. We loved the FV 217 Badger, and the new Centurian AVRE looks promising...
The Triebflugel and other "What-if" projects in 48th scale are pretty popular too
More information on all of their kits available from Amusing Hobby's Website...