Monday, February 1

Want a lift? MiniArt picks up where they left off with the Type AA Town truck...

MiniArt is quite a canny modelling company - getting the most out of all of their moulds with new combinations of their previous kits and bits with new decals and colour schemes to make a completely new model. We look at their latest tow truck in 35th scale in our preview...
Want a lift? MiniArt picks up where they left off with the AA Town truck...

"Tow Truck AA type"
from MiniArt
Kit No #35351
1:35th scale
MiniArt has further widened the use of their mould of the Gaz AA type truck with this 35th scale version of the transporter. This time it is a flatbed truck with the tow crane put on the back of it. Basically, it is their GAZ-AA Truck with the earlier released 3-ton service crane in combination (oww - and two oil drums) to make the kit just that little more useful.
This kits Features:
Box contains an unassembled plastic model of truck with 3-ton service crane and two 200l drums
2 variants of platform boards
Doors, car hood, platform boards can be posed open or closed
Engine accurately represented
Clear plastic parts included
Photo-etched parts included
4 decal options inside the box...