Monday, March 1

Revell's items for March in our preview...

It is always good to see what Revell has in store for all skill levels & all hip pockets of modellers. We have info on the kits and some built up kits from Revell in our preview...
New Novelties from Revell in March...

Jaguar E-Type (Coupé)
1/24th scale
Product number: 67668
Number of parts:142
Length:187 mm
Width:72 mm / Height:51 mm
The 269 hp Jaguar E-Type, which was launched in 1961, featured an extra-long bonnet. With a top speed of 241 km/h, its performance was truly exceptional.
Product Features:
- A multi-piece six-cylinder engine
- Optionally as left-hand or right-hand drive version
- Movable bonnet
- Decals featuring various licence plates (D, A, F, B, NL, GB, I, USA)

VW T2 Bus
Scale: 1:24
Product number: 07667
Number of parts:109
Length:193 mm / Width:85 mm
A simple kit for the VW Type 2 T2, which was produced at the VW plant in Hanover until 1979. and had, among other things, a full-length windscreen and a sliding door.
Kit features:
Multi-piece engine
Movable sliding door
Decals and stickers with various registration plates (D, NL, F, GB, B, A, CH, I, S and USA)
Thanks to the innovative easy-click system, quick success is guaranteed with this model: Multi-coloured, precisely manufactured components are stably connected by simply plugging them together and decorated with stickers. decorated with stickers.

Space Shuttle, 40th. Anniversary
1:72nd Scale
Product number: 05673
Number of parts:111
Length:489 mm
Height:220 mm / Wingspan:360 mm
The "Space Shuttle" developed by the US space agency NASA was for a long time the only reusable space transport system in the world. reusable space transport system. It consisted of the components space shuttle (orbiter), with three re-usable main engines, an external fuel tank and two solid rockets with a total launch thrust of 12.46 MN (1,270,566 kp). 
The space shuttle could simultaneously carry 24.5 payload and 7 astronauts into a low Earth orbit between 200 and 650 kilometres above the Earth. orbit altitude. The first launch of a space shuttle into space took place on 12 April 1981 with the space shuttle "Columbia". space shuttle "Columbia"
Replica of the tile structure
Detailed cockpit
Cockpit canopy optionally removable
2 crew figures
Opening cargo bay doors
Detailed landing gear
Movable rudder
Removable ESA space laboratory
Movable transport arm (loading arm)
Thrust nozzles
Super decal with the identifiers of the space shuttles Columbia, Discovery, Atlantis and Endeavour.

VW T1 Bus
1:24th scale
Product number: 07675
Number of parts:146
Length:180 mm
Width:77 mm / Height:82 mm
Demanding, a multi-part model kit of the VW T1 bus. The T1 is still regarded as a symbol of the economic miracle in Germany after WII and it is a much sought after classic vehicle today with collectors.
Multi-part body
Detailed interior
Replica engine
Rotatable wheels
Various chrome parts
Decals with various number plates (D, NL, F, GB, B, A, CH, I, S and USA)

BAe Hawk T2
Scale: 1:32
Product number: 03852
Number of parts:158
Length:395 mm
Height:130 mm / Wingspan:335 mm
The Hawk is a proven jet trainer that has been in service with many air forces around the world for decades. in larger numbers in service with many air forces around the world. The Royal Air Force uses the T2 advanced trainer, which already has the same displays as the Eurofighter.
Recessed sheet metal bumpers
Rain rivets
Separate landing flaps

HMS HOOD vs. BISMARCK- 80th Anniversary
Scale: 1:700 & 1:720
Product number: 05174
Number of parts:504
Length:359 mm / 361 mm / Width:59 mm / 45 mm / Height:100 mm / 98 mm
Eighty years ago, two giants met in Denmark Street - HMS Hood and Bismarck. The battle between the flagship of the Royal Navy and the most modern battleship in the world at the time lasted just six minutes. After that, the pride of the Royal Navy sank into the icy waters...
Two model kits in one set
Plank-textured decks
Turrets with movable pipes
Display stand
2 Arado 196 seaplanes
Hood as a full fuselage or waterline model
2 plastic model kits (not assembled), Illustrated multilingual building instructions, Decals.

The Bismarck
The Hood:

Breguet Atlantic 1 "Italian Eagle"
Scale: 1:72nd
Product number: 03845
Number of parts:232
Length:442 mm / Height:125 mm / Wingspan:521 mm
A model replica of the Atlantic 1. For almost 45 years, the Breguet Atlantic was in service with the Italian Navy as a maritime reconnaissance aircraft. One machine of the 41° Stormo was particularly spectacular, with a huge eagle stretched across the entire fuselage of the aircraft.
Detailed cockpit with side consoles
Front observer compartment with seat
Detailed main landing gear
Engine exhaust pipe
Detailed engine cowlings
Detailed torpedo compartment
Weapons bay doors optionally open
Entry hatch with ladder
Separate radome for search radar
Super decal with the 41° Stormo's special paint scheme
All of these new products are available now from the Revell Website...